SLUSHING MOLDS – Horrific Props in Progress

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Making Halloween is a dirty job, but haunted houses, and the people who work there, are happy to do it! Each year new frightful props are created to scare the guests who visit haunted houses during the Halloween season. One way that props are made involves a process known as slushing.

Slush molding is an excellent method of producing open, hollow objects. It is a process used in many industries, and with multiple types of molding materials, to create thin skin-like coatings. In haunted house prop making, the material often used is latex.

Starting in liquid form, the slush latex is poured and painted into a cast or mold of the prop. Latex does not require heat to turn into a solid; it sets and cures at room temperature. In the video below from Netherworld Haunted House, the prop being created is a large skull. The mold has been made in four pieces that assemble to create the completed skull.

The first few coats of latex are poured and brushed into the mold and allowed to dry. These first coats will capture all the detail of the skull. After those have set, a thicker layer is laid down and strips of burlap are used to reinforce the latex. This will provide strength and durability for the finished skull.

Once the multiple-step slushing process is complete, the latex will be pulled from the molds and the four pieces sealed together to create a complete skull “skin”. Later, this skin can be filled with expanding foam to form the completed prop.

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