Underworld Evolution Screening at Studio Movie Grill Sunday, July 8th at 8pm!

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Bring on the fur, bring on the fangs and bring on the latex cat suit!  Come out and join the folks from NETHERWORLD Haunted House next Sunday, July 8th, 8pm at Studio Movie Grill Holcomb Bridge for a special screening of Underworld Evolution!
Some feuds are timeless. The Hatfields and McCoys. The Montagues and Capulets. Vampires and Werewolves. “Underworld: Evolution” is a Hollywood rarity: not only is it a sequel that works but more impressively, it’s a movie that stands well on its own as a single film, not demanding viewings of the other entries in the franchise in order to enjoy it. “Evolution” finds deadly vampire warrior Selene and lycan hybrid Michael on the run from the vampires after the death of the ancient Viktor, searching for answers to the mystery of their bloodlines.
Moody, stylized, and action-packed, “Evolution” is full of high-octane action sequences and eye-popping visual effects and delivers a solid story that delves deep into the mythology of these two ancient races. Written by Danny McBride and director Len Wiseman, “Underworld: Evolution” manages to deliver a coherent, interesting story while still appealing to its core audience with plenty of monster-on-monster smackdowns and over-the-top firefights. Where many big-budget action films today tend to forego substance in favor of CG creatures and comic book fight scenes, this one builds those elements around genuine character development as it further fleshes out its own legacy, paving the way for two more sequels (and it shows no sign of letting up).
 There’s plenty of positives in Wiseman’s film: Kate Beckinsale makes a believable and enjoyable action hero here, proving men don’t hold proxy on Hollywood gunplay. The creature effects are top-notch, particularly the vampire Marcus, whose horrific bat-like features are well-executed. The werewolves seem less static than many celluloid lycans and come across as convincingly savage and menacing. A truly refreshing aspect of “Underworld: Evolution” is its visual clarity. The action scenes are nicely choreographed and easy to follow, as opposed to so many fight scenes lately in which we can barely make out who is who among the participants. When the time comes for opposing sides to square off against one another, we are treated to some very fun action, creature-of-the-night style. Ultimately, what every monster movie fan longs for is the opportunity to see supernatural beasts throw down, and Wiseman and Company deliver tenfold. Typically, monster movies feature a damsel in distress, who simultaneously calms the creature while igniting his rage. Here, the only damsel in sight is a monster herself, dispensing the distress…”Underworld: Evolution” is pure summer monster movie fun. So join us on July 8th in the very well air-conditioned Studio Movie Grill.  Did we mention that tickets are just $1? Seriously, just a buck. Did we also mention that Studio Movie Grill serves up delicious food and beverages (yes, ones of the adult variety too) that they’ll deliver right to your seat in the theater? And once again, Netherworld Haunted House will have some pre-screening trivia with prizes and we’ll be bringing back the photo op.  Any suggestions as to whether we should bring a werewolf or a vampire?

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