NETHERWORLD Announces The Theme of Its Downstairs Show For 2012 – The HIVE!

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NETHERWORLD Haunted House Presents: The HIVE!

During the height of the Cold War in 1962 Robert Wellington-Hughes, a filthy rich genetics researcher, sealed up his staff and followers in an underground bunker called the HIVE. Eager to create a utopian society and a radiation survival vaccine based on insect DNA he disappeared beneath the earth for almost fifty years. Now we have discovered his horrifying plot to mutate all mankind into insect based life forms and to destroy all who dare resist him! You and you team must descend into the HIVE and discover the awful truth!

New Features for 2012

The twisted gore in the Dark Basement of NETHERWORLD grows even more vile with an invasion of giant bugs! Can you face – The Bone Snapping Crimson Hulk! The Colossal Writhing Centipede! The Flesh Shredder! Wasp Warriors! The Unstable Cobalt 99 Missile! Cocooned Horrors! Giant Spiders! Live Arthropods! Attacking Maggots! The Hideous Human Blob! More crawling, skittering, bloody insect nightmares than you can imagine!

The FULL Story….

Background Information:

Many of you may have heard of Robert Wellington-Hughes. In the 50’s he was a very outspoken genetic researcher terrified that atomic war would soon lead to the total extinction of the human race. What set him apart from the rest of the scientific community was the fact that he was filthy rich. His family, the Wellington-Hughes, had billions, mostly in chemical and pharmaceutical company stock and were deeply involved in the defense contracts. Thus Robert didn’t have to come to the government or industry to fund his crazy ideas or research, he just did what he pleased. In 1957 he wrote his most well known monograph The Way of the Insect espousing his theories: insects’ abilities to survive atomic warfare and how their DNA could be developed into a vaccine to resist radiation. The hardcore research he put forth at the time turned more than a few heads, but his lunatic ravings about the superior moral quality of “insect” societies made Robert a laughingstock among his peers. He did however amass an almost cult like following of researchers and like minded scientists.


After his very public humiliation at the hands of the scientific community he began in secret the creation of the HIVE or the so called Human/Insect Vaccine Experiment. In an undisclosed location he built a massive underground bunker designed to survive nuclear attack equipped with the most modern of late 1950’s comforts and technologies. There he developed a utopian society cut off from the rest of the world, a self sufficient research facility focused on an insect DNA based radiation defense drug. At the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 he sealed up the HIVE’s massive doors, certain of the impending doom of mankind. Attempts to locate the base failed and all signs of Robert Wellington- Hughes and his missing staff of 157 people were lost to time, one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the Cold War era. He was 43 years old.

Recent Developments:

All of this happened over 50 years ago, so it was rather unexpected when our latest threat detection AI program ALVIN began flagging seemingly unrelated data that correlated back to the Wellington-Hughes incident. It seems as though a series of shadow companies had been outsourcing massive amounts of research on insect based DNA, unusual weapons technology and dirty bomb radiation dispersal methods for decades. We put a team of our top agents on the case and made some terrifying discoveries. Apparently Wellington-Hughes had been working all this time in his underground bunker on these projects but his motivations had taken a darker turn. He felt that a “new” mankind genetically altered to resemble insects and immune to radiation should be the new masters of the earth. He has created a new HIVE drug that he intends to unleash on the world to cause massive insect-like mutations in anyone exposed to it. These new “men” would then fall in line with his utopia structured around Insect Society. But it gets worse. He has developed a massive warhead the Cobalt 99 Bomb that he plans to detonate and wipe out the rest of life on earth if anyone should attempt to thwart his plans. I know this is some far out stuff – I couldn’t believe the briefing when I first read it either!

Your Mission:

We have located his facility at last. ALVIN did this by discovering a spike in missing persons ( Test Subjects?) cross referenced with unusual technology shipments and powerful radiation readings. Advance agents have located the tunnel and access shaft to the HIVE. You are to enter the facility and reveal the truth behind these allegations. Will you discover mutated insect people with a sinister advanced technology and a Cobalt 99 warhead? Or will you find a spry 93 year old man kicking back in his easy chair watching reruns of the Donna Reed show? Be prepared for anything! You and your team leave at once…

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