Toxic Toons Releases Thier All-New Smartphone APP ‘Monsterpieces: Bringing Ugly Back’

by on Sep.01, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

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Toxic Toons present 'Monsterpieces' App

Toxic Toons present 'Monsterpieces' App

All the time we see so many twisted creations from Eric Pigors of Toxic Toons. From illustrations, deadtime story books, posters, rock-a-billy band covers and even latex masks from Trick or Treat Studios. Eric has even done artwork for Rotting Flesh Radio that I will post in a few days for purchase.

Well now he has moved Toxic Toons into the Smartphone realm with an All-New APP! As of today Eric has launched Monsterpieces: Bringing Ugly Back.

MONSTERPIECES is a new iPhone/iPad app from Aerfish & ToxicToons, with which you can design millions–maybe billions–of unique monsters, and somehow each one is the ugliest of all.

World-famous monster artist Eric Pigors, of “ToxicToons” fame, has been rummaging around in his basement’s bins to bring you the finest collection of grotesque anatomical parts the world has ever seen. Assemble horribly fiendish faces… using pieces you’ve carefully chosen from several bubbling vats, each filled to the brim with disgusting tidbits Eric picked up from God-knows-where, or whom.

Slap together the ugliest imaginable freak, then make an even uglier sister for it.

Like it? Name it! Then save it, either to your own private gallery of Monsterpieces, or share it with the world via Facebook, email, Twitter, etc.

AS IF THAT WEREN’T ENOUGH, we’ve also supplied the perfect background music to accompany your new hobby: a sinister-sounding song by the legendary surf-rock band “Los Straitjackets!” So when you take a break from monster-making… DO THE TWIST!!

From bands your hear on Rotting Flesh Radio to Erics twisted mind of Toxic Toons this app is a must play with app. I have downloaded it today and have made a variety of wild creations, kreepy ghouls and more. What else could you ask for from the kool ghoul of Eric Pigors.

Monsterpieces App - Play

Monsterpieces App – Play

To purchase the APP for yourself it is a mear $2.99 in the iTunes App Store. He is currently working on getting an Android version out, but that is in the very near future. Until then, pop out your earbuds, and start playing with MONSTERPIECES.

Click Here To Purchase It From the iTunes Store

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