Terror Awaits You in “THE ATTIC” the New CD from Haunt Rocker Jerry Vayne

by on Sep.13, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

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'The Attic' from Jerry Vayne

'The Attic' from Jerry Vayne

Deadites who listen to Rotting Flesh Radio know and love the Haunt Rocker Jerry Vayne. Storming into the Haunt Industry in 2008 with our very own Dark Pandemoium CD, Jerry has carved his way into the black hearts of haunters everywhere like the knife through a Jack-O-Lantern.

His newest release THE ATTIC is All-New for 2011. This haunt season, attractions, events, and halloween enthusiasts can get their haunt on with his newest Haunt-Strumental!

“Mount the stairs… hold your light steady… something waits for you in the dark corners of.. “The Attic”… The new haunt-strumetal soundscape from “The Haunt Rocker”, Jerry Vayne. “The Attic”… NOW AVAILABLE for $8.99 at http://www.JerryVayne.com Horror waits… above….”

This new CD will send chills down your spine. From driving hard riffs to melodic terror, there is something for every room in your event, to queue line entertainment. This haunt-strumental CD tells a story through the fingertips of Jerry to his guitar.

We have been listening to THE ATTIC since its early stages of recording to the final drop this week and have been impressed. It is the best release to date from Jerry Vayne and it will be proven to others in haunted attractions, in your bedroom, or just rocking out in your car.

Rotting Flesh Radio will have a full review on an upcoming show. So be prepared for Gruesome Joe’s full review.

Until then:
“THE ATTIC is a melodic masterpiece from the Haunt Rocker Jerry Vayne that captures the terror, melody and senses of the unsuspecting Haunt Customer.” – Jonathan Johnson (Owner/Host of Rotting Flesh Radio)

To get your copy of THE ATTIC visit: www.JerryVayne.com

In 2008, a new musical specter “materialized” into the Haunted Attraction Industry, gouging his way into the Haunted Attractions of the nation.

His focus? To change the traditional haunt music of the industry on its’ ear by creating his own brand of Haunt-Strumetal™ soundscapes.

Starting with Rotting Flesh Radio’s “RFR Presents: Dark Pandemonium ” A Descent into the Labyrinth of the Mind”, the 18-track Dark Carnival/Vampire concept CD “Damnations Embrace”, the re-envisioning of the Midnight Syndicate’s classic “Shadows” for the sound track CD “The Dead Matter: Original Soundtrack” (Winner of the 2011 Golden Cob for “Best B-Movie Soundtrack”) , as well as custom tracks for the Toxicity Haunted Attraction and Wells Township Haunted House , the abomination “Soul Collector” and the dark, demented corners of the newest soundscape “The Attic”, the Haunt Rocker has slowly infested his aural apparitions into the haunts around the globe.

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