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As Rotting Flesh Radio draws closer to the Haunt Season, we continue to bring the Haunted Attraction Industry, Halloween Fun, Home Haunt, Pro Haunt and more to you weekly. With that said, we like to bring you the people who bring those haunted houses to life, scare you and make you shiver in fear every Halloween. So this week we continue with our SCARE ACTOR SPOTLIGHT.

Haunted House Scare Actor: RoTag

Haunted house Scare Actor: RoTag

Let me start by saying that my name isn’t ro tag; but it is the name I use when online & scare acting. I’ve always been into the Halloween bit. As a kid I almost always dressed as a grim reaper. I first got the taste for scare acting when I was in middle school & participated in a fun, but short lived haunted house that the 4h horse & pony club. I would roam around as the grim reaper but didn’t really discover how much fun scaring could be till the night they stuck me in a casket & I got to control the push button fog machine.

Now after that, I was no longer timid of haunted houses & started to visit several as a patron. After the year of 2008, I decided that I would try-out for Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt in 2009. I got placed in there attraction called Urgent Scare as an infected nurse towards the end of the maze (if you have seen the movie called “The Crazies”, that’s what the attraction was based around). It wasn’t too much longer after rehearsals that I started to explore my talents.

I had some nights where I would sit on toppled over shopping carts & play statue; then for the one’s who wouldn’t be paying attention. That’s when I would snap to life on them. There were other nights that I would fit into small tight spaces that you wouldn’t expect someone (let alone a BIG guy) to be hiding in & pop out rapidly making cannibalistic snarling noises. Then there were times that I could get a group twice, once & the beginning of a straight away & then sneak down the backside of the straight away to nail them again when they would reach that end; followed by a sorta dance back down to other end of straight away. There were times I couldn’t necessarily get back in time for the next group coming, so I would sprint down the straight away till I got near them, then I would side step & bounce up off the curb to get airborne & look like I was going to land on top of them (but I made sure I never did land on them (safety). & lastly one of the easiest scares I learned to do is that I figured out how to make the fog thick enough outdoors to where I could hide in it. Then I would take on huge step (bout 6 ft lunge) toward the guest & snarl in there ear (while keeping a smile on my face), followed by flinging myself back into the dark shroud of the fog.

I went through the 2010 season visiting haunts & doing some fill-in work here & there. During the off-season, I was going to horror conventions dressed as Dr. Ro Tag. The basis behind this character is that he is a Zombie Voodoo Doctor. He has an accent that is a cross between Cajun & German. I do like this character, but I also miss the scaring; so this year, I can be found out on a trail as a scarecrow @ a place called The Mayhem Mansion. It’s located on 13966 DeCoursey Pike, Morning View, KY 41063. For more info on this Scream in the woods, you can visit:

Some advice for the newbie’s that are just getting there start: Rest up before your nights of scaring as it can wear you out if you don’t get plenty off it. Explore your surroundings to help build your character Bring enough cough drops &/or water that you can disguise in your scene Know the difference between someone slinging a punch out of fear & someone just trying to harass you.

Build multiple scenarios as to keep yourself fresh (that way you don’t get bored & if you encounter the same guest over & over, you can provide them with a little new material. Always listen to the veterans as they are a plethora of insider info & been there long enough to know what works & what doesn’t. Don’t & I repeat DON’T say “boo” or “get out”. Those are just cliché & tacky. & lastly don’t let anyone get you down or say that you suck. Prove them wrong by scaring the hell out of them.

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