Grimm Fairy Tales – The Ugly Duckling

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The Grimm Fairy Tales

The Grimm Fairy Tales

When a young unattractive teen is tormented by her high school peers she makes a deal with Belinda and seeks out her own form of revenge. Now, ten years later, the once ugly duckling turned swan is living a successful life as a top model. However, on the night of her high school reunion, she’ll find that the deal she made many years ago is about to come to bite her.

He couldn’t have her as his own, so he killed her. In fact he killed many of ‘her’. Over and over and over, the swan killer has struck and he cannot be stopped. Events were set in motion years ago by Belinda, and now the psycho she helped create is loose and on the prowl. While stalking a new beautiful woman from afar, we learn of his past which will lead up to his next victim’s murder. She must die and he knows that he cannot stop himself – but maybe something else can.

Grimm Fairy Tales 36 Part 2

Grimm Fairy Tales 36 Part 2

Those wacky people over at Grimm Fairy Tales have taken the much beloved children’s story The Ugly Duckling and twisted it for our entertainment. Actually they took the beloved story and have broken it into two parts. The first part, in issue 28, is a twist of The Ugly Duckling. The second part, The Swan is retold in issue 36. Put these two together and you have one grand twisted tale of revenge, murder and psychos – what more can a  Deadite wish for.

If you’ve never picked up a Grimm Fairy Tale, I implore you to do so. The thing I like about this series is how a innocent child’s tale can be twisted and folded and bent and come out the other side completely the same yet completely different. These books reminds me of a paper version of The Twilight Zone or Tales from the Darkside which are quite entertaining to watch. And like those TV shows, Grimm Fairy Tales continue to be quite entertaining to read.

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