Witch – A Graphic Novel Review

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Witch: The Graphic Novel

Witch: The Graphic Novel

A teenage girl discovers she’s a witch and the voice in her head is her “familiar”, a large black cat…sort of. Our heroine is unaware that she comes from a long line of witches hunted almost to extinctions. With the aid of her familiar and a mysterious young man, she must find other witches before the witch hunters find her.

Witch is written by Travis Fickett and Terry Matalas and Tony Shasteen was the artist. The book was published by Kickstart

I really enjoyed the story in Witch. It deals with a young girl who is probably entering her teens (13-16 years old) when she starts hearing a voice in her head. Worse yet, the voice is telling her not only telling her to do things but to release her. When she unknowingly releasing the voice, it turns out to be a cat-like demon named Ridley.

Kylie is so freaked out by Ridley that she goes to the police to confess to a incident the night before when some baddies tried to attack Kylie. Ridley was right there to protect Kylie from harm. Of course the police don’t believe Kylie’s story and basically turn her way.

Kylie is finally approached by Aaron, another outcast, who turns out to be a witch like her. And he has he’s own familar, Lucy. Together the two begin to explore their powers along with their familars. But there’s another danger out there in the world unknown to Kylie – Witch Hunters.

Witch Hunters have existed almost as long as witches and there sole purpose is to hunt down and kill witches. They’ve almost succeeded. But it isn’t long before the hunters after after Kylie and Aaron.

As I said, I like the story of Witch and I also like the how the use of familars are used. I’ve know about familars for some time. There are other witch stories that makes reference to familars. Even the movie Golden Compass makes reference to familars. So familars have been around before Witch but I think it was a nice touch to incorporate them into the plot. I also like how the familars are drawn. They are demon-like creatures and thus gives the reason for the witch hunters. They’re not hunting the humans but they are hunting their demon familars.

Bottom line, Witch is really a story about coming to age, understanding who you are and being comfortable in your own skin.

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