What Scares a Monster?

by on Aug.03, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

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by: RFR Casket Crew Unknown Scare Actor

Greetings Deadites!

For weeks now, I have been talking about phobias, what scares people. But what if we flip it around?

What would scare a monster? This question might sound simple but obviously there in no clear answer. we are venturing into speculation, guesswork, and ultimately, multiple opinions. Now think about the question.

Netherworld Haunted House's Gargoyle

Netherworld Haunted House's Gargoyle

Let’s start out simple… What would scare Freddy Krueger? well, we know from the films, fire. What about Dracula? Sunlight, of course. The Wicked Witch of the West? Water. Now, how about Leatherface, or Jason? Michael Myers? ( nothing seems to scare or stop him). the list of famous (and more obscure) movie monsters goes on and one. In a lot of their films their weakness is their fear.

But here’s one: The Cloverfield Monster. what could possibly scare that thing? Well, I have the answer Deadites. It’s afraid of Miniature Pinschers. All we had to do was turn loose my two Min Pins and we could have stopped that thing :)

Scarehouse's Creepo the Clown

Scarehouse's Creepo the Clown

Now lets leave the movie monsters behind. we are now venturing to the haunts you all work in or visit during haunt season. Think about some of the icon characters at these haunts. What might scare the Gargoyle at Netherworld? or Creepo the Clown at Scarehouse? or Charlie the Janitor at the Dent School House? The answer is in the minds of the people that created them, but we can always hypothesize, just by observing them and their environment. Does this make any of you scare-actors think?… it should…..

These were just some random thoughts that creeped into my mind earlier today.

Everyone……..is afraid of something!

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