The Asylum and 13th Floor Provide No Safe Haven for Those Who Suffer an Elevated Fear of Insanity!

by on Aug.17, 2011, under America Haunts

Dementophobia is the name associated with a fear of insanity. Finding oneself frightened by the crazed or insane may be one of the easier phobias to maintain, as it can be relatively simple to avoid the usual haunts of such people. But when the haunt in question is The Asylum – Denver, Colorado’s #1 rated haunted attraction – it may become rather difficult to avoid. Guaranteed to attract even the most hardcore dementophobiac, The Asylum has been featured on The Travel Channel’s “America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions” and has been included in Hauntworld Magazine’s “Top 25 Haunted Houses in America”.

Descending two levels into Gordon Cottingham’s Hospital for the Mentally Insane, visitors find themselves in the darkest, dampest recesses of The Asylum, surrounded by spiders, snakes, rats, and the screams of the tortured souls of those left behind. The building crawls with insanity, as crazed lunatics lurk around every corner. Indeed, the lunatics have taken over The Asylum…

Speaking of lower levels, 13th Floor Haunted House will elevate your fears to new heights, as they attempt to shed some light on why numerous buildings omit the number thirteen from their floor sequences. Even the most logical, non-superstitious architects often remove the thirteenth floor from building plans, and whether you suffer from a fear of elevators or not, it would seem somewhat foreboding to see that number on the keypad when the elevator doors draw closed. Long considered an unlucky number, thirteen elicits a great deal of dread among the superstitious and has long been avoided.

A surprising number of Americans experience some form of fear when riding an elevator, and although there is no clinical name for this particular phobia, it is safe to assume that a combined fear of heights, enclosed spaces, and aspects of the unknown make for a very intimidating experience. So what exactly would happen if the thirteenth floor were included in this ride? Perhaps the answers lie within the walls of Denver’s 13th Floor – hailed by Hauntworld Magazine as “one of America’s best haunted houses”. The Travel Channel says “when you climb the mountains of Denver, Colorado, you’ve got to check out the 13th Floor Haunted House”. Superstition? Conspiracy? Something far more sinister? Decide for yourself…

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