The 13 Nightmares of NETHERWORLD Haunted House! Number 5 Phagophobia

by on Aug.28, 2011, under Haunted Houses, NETHERWORLD Haunted House

Of all the various ways one can meet their demise, being devoured by a living creature is surely one of the most horrific to consider. We humans like to think of ourselves as holding court at the top of the food chain, but the truth is that we’ve just managed to find ways to avoid providing meals for larger hunters. Sharks, alligators, lions, tigers and bears – any and all could turn the tables on us quickly should the right opportunity arise.

Phagophobia – the irrational fear of being eaten – can provide some pretty serious trauma for anyone suffering from this affliction. Basically anything with teeth and a healthy appetite can prove overwhelmingly frightening for a phagolophobiac, making certain situations unbearable. Like, for instance, making their way through NETHERWORLD Haunted House’s The Nightmares…

Creatures of every design prowl the darkened chambers of NETHERWORLD, hungry for fresh meat. Werewolves, zombies, goblins, cannibalistic clowns, and monstrosities best left unmentioned stalk the shadows in search of mortal meals. As you stumble on through the dark, seeking escape, you suddenly feel hot, foul breath on the back of your neck. Deadly fangs extend, snapping at your flesh in hopes of feeding on a tender human. Too much to bear for any one mind, let alone the poor phagophobiacs. While many of us allow our fears to eat away at us, they take it one unfortunate step further!

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