The 13 Nightmares of NETHERWORLD Haunted House! Number 4 Statue Phobia

by on Aug.23, 2011, under Haunted Houses, NETHERWORLD Haunted House

The NIGHTMARES leaves you stone cold with terror…

Walking through NETHERWORLD Haunted House’s The NIGHTMARES, you quickly experience the sensation of being watched. Inhuman eyes gaze at you from every corner, as creatures both familiar and previously unseen by mortals lie in wait for the precise moment to make their presence known. At each turn you encounter towering statuary, looming overhead like eternal guardians protecting the barrier between the mortal realm and the supernatural forces that would enslave mankind. You tread carefully beneath the stone shadows, uncertain as to whether or not you just saw a pair of chiseled pupils follow as you pass…

Statue Phobia – an irrational fear of statues – can produce tremendous terror in the mind of one who suffers from this particular dread. Proximity to any lifelike sculpture can bring about perspiration, accelerated heartbeat, nervous anxiety or possibly even a total mental breakdown. It can cause one to question if what they see is real, or simply some mad manifestation of their fear when faced with statuary, like that which inhabits the many twists and turns of The NIGHTMARES.

From ornamental figures to cemetery monuments to the powerful gargoyles that roam the halls, NETHERWORLD could prove to be an extremely trying experience for a statue phobic. Nothing is as it ever seems within the supernatural confines of The NIGHTMARES, and fear lurks where you least expect it. The walls themselves appear to have a life of their own – or perhaps it is actually the lives of unfortunate others, trapped within…

As if vampires, goblins, zombies, werewolves, krampus and ogres weren’t enough to keep mortal visitors on their toes, the very structural decor of Netherworld may pose a threat to all, particularly the poor soul suffering from statue phobia. So the next time you feel a menacing set of eyes upon you as you make your way through the murky mazes of NETHERWORLD Haunted House, don’t write it off as nervous energy quite so quickly.

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