Scare Actor Spotlight: The Blood King Mathias of Lexington Screampark

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Alright all you Deadites,

One thing that brings a haunt to life is its’ actors. It is these talented people that put the scare, terror and fear into your event. These Scare Actors deserve some spotlight, because without them, animatronics, makeup, details and webs wouldn’t come to life and scare your customers. If you would like your character to be featured be sure to email us at: news @ and put “Scare Actor Spotlight” in the subject head.

In keeping with our Rotting Flesh Radio Scare Actor Spotlight we have another mad man to introduce to you. THE BLOOD KING MATHIAS of LEXINGTON SCREAMPARK.

Lexington Screampark

Lexington Screampark

About Jay Neal – The Scare Actor:
“I’ve been a home haunted and Halloween enthusiast since i can remember. My first experience in a haunted house was universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, after that I was hooked I went every year then I moved north to Lexington, KY and wanted to cross over into professional haunting. I joined up in 2010 with Tyler and Ed’s Lexington Screampark and I’ve grown to love it more than HHN. Combine my love for making Medieval Armor with acting, Mathias is a direct result of that.

The Blood King Mathias:

Field report,

In 1224, a warrior rose to the role of king in the country of Masovia. A frigid and hard land, Masovia was politically in anarchy with the lords fighting amongst themselves. The warrior known as Mathias made a name for his prowess on the battlefield and for his devotion to his men. After fighting many useless wars for his lord, Mathias saw that the only way Masovia would ever be a unified nation, a single ruler would have to rise.

He set forth with his men to bring down the current noble class and unite his land. A swift victory was achieved over most of the land by Mathias and his men, and the castle Torún was chosen as his military base. Mathias knew that his reign would be in jeopardy if he did not bring the remaining nobles down. Here, the story takes a dark turn.

The Blood King Mathias of Lexington Screampark

The Blood King Mathias of Lexington Screampark

Mathias held a celebration tournament thrown in honor of his victory, there was to be music, dancing, food, wine, and general merriment was to be had by all…for a while, at least. On the second evening of the event, he had the nobles and their families kidnapped from their beds to be beheaded and impaled upon stakes. The next morning, Mathias addressed the people in front of the bodies.

“For too long has the nobility of this land robbed the common people of their lives…! See them now, as they have been brought to justice…!” The speech carried on in this fashion, interjected only by the cheers from the people as he spoke. As the peasants cheered, they felt that for the first time they had escaped oppression. This was to be a short-lived felling for them.

As time went on, Mathias’ law became harsh and his punishment harsher yet. The people lived in fear of his iron fist and his cruel punishments. These included hanging, being drawn and quartered, impalement, being skinned alive, and entombment in the castle walls, among many others too gruesome to be mentioned.

He grew to be known as the “Blood King” by his enemies and his people. In 1241, he was murdered by a rival general, who then scattered the Blood King’s armor, shield, sword, and crown throughout the kingdom. With the Blood King’s final breaths, he swore that he would come back with every Nightmare, demon, and beast from Hell to extract his revenge upon those who would betray him.

With that, his reign came to a bloody end. However, there is a legend that says his very soul is in the armor, shield, sword, and crown taken from him the night he was slaughtered. It goes on to say that if they were ever reunited, the Blood King would rise, bringing with him an army of the dead and humanity would be lost.

After his death, the local clerics tried to bury the knowledge of Mathias and his accursed armaments. Their efforts proved useless as in 1983, archeologists uncovered writings from a monk discussing the locations of the “Nameless King”, and a search started for the resting place of these items.

The armor and sword were recovered and put on display in the British Museum for a time, until they were later put in storage, coming up missing in 1996. The crown and shield resurfaced in 2006 and were auctioned off to private collector, who reported them stolen a short time later. It is alleged that a haunted attraction in Lexington, Kentucky; called SCREAMPARK; has located and reunited these items in their attraction, the Castle of Fear. These poor souls do not realize what they have released. I intend to travel there to warn them…my only hope is that I am not too late..

I will report back with my findings, whether they be grievous or joyous. Let us hope for the latter.

Robert Walker
Paranormal Investigator London Society for Paranormal Research

Mr. Walker is far to late I am here and I await him and all the fools that enter my castle. The forest of the impaled will rise, and the river’s of blood will flow.

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