Let the Scare-Actors be Heard in the Haunted House Industry

by on Aug.23, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

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by: RFR Casket Crew Unknown Scare Actor

Greetings Deadites!

As many of you know, I have been covering a myriad of phobias that may be found in many of our haunts around the country, on my signature segment, Haunt Fears. I have decided to “stray” from my format a bit.

I want to give you scare-actors a voice that can be heard.

Netherworld's Wolfman

Netherworld's Wolfman

For a few weeks now, Jonathan has made mention on the show, and articles have been posted here on rfrpodcast.com, regarding a scare-actor spotlight, the most recent one being the Blood King Mathias from Screampark.

With that being said, I am putting this out there to any scare-actor out there. I want to talk to you, Unknown Scare-actor to Scare-actor. Let’s talk about your character, your techniques, your influences, how your character works in your haunt. I want to take Rotting Flesh Radio‘s featured scare-actor article and feature actors on “Haunt Fears”. Whether you act at a nationally known haunt, a charity haunt, a small local haunt, or a home haunt, I want to talk shop with you. The important thing is that you practice the wonderful art of scaring the crap out of people. In this business, alot of the usual stereotypes and “boundaries” don’t matter. Scare-Acting is equal opportunity, as I have seen some women out there that were alot more frightening than some of the men.

So let’s talk about the art of scaring people and why alot of us just can’t seem to let it go…ever :)

So, if you are interested in talking to me, the Unknown Scare-Actor, the drop me an email, unknownscareactor@rfrpodcast.com, or haunter.incognito@gmail.com. From there we can coordinate, and feature you on a future segment of “Haunt Fears”.

So, Rot on Deadites…and always remember one thing,
Everyone…is afraid of something

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