Indiana’s Scariest Haunted House ‘Fear Fair’ Unleashes a New Website for 2011 Season

by on Aug.10, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

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Indiana's Scariest Haunted House: The Fear Fair

Indiana's Scariest Haunted House: The Fear Fair

With every haunted attraction comes promotion and a “look” to your event. This comes often in the form of a website for your Haunt’s online presence, feel and give that overall impression of your event.

Your website also serves as a portal for Haunt Dates and Times, Press Releases, Updates throughout the year to your crew and promotions, giveaway and even coupons. There is even that rare occasion of needing directions for some who are just finding you.

one way to keep evolving as a Haunt is by updating your site’s look and feel to draw in returing customers and to freshen your event. And the Fear Fair Haunted Attraction in Indiana has just kicked off their journey to the 2011 Haunt Season with a new website.

The new site gives a refreshing look to the annual attraction who just recently wrapped their Fear Camp this past weekend (Stay Tuned on Rotting Flesh Radio Show #243 for Coverage of the event).

The new website is what I would consider, dark, reminiscent of the event, full of nice saturated reds, blacks and color. The information is nice a easy to find, a BIG plus for any event. Most people are not living the Haunt culture, or Halloween life and are looking for an event to get their scare on. An easy navigation system makes it so they can find important information fast.

Overall, it is a nice, clean, spooky layout and will prove useful and informative to those looking to get haunted in Indiana. And with links to all their major Social Media pages, anyone can get connected fast.

To find out more about the Fear Fair and to see the new sight, 2011 information and more visit:

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