Get bogged down in your fear of ghosts at Nightmare on the Bayou!

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An unnatural fear of ghosts and apparitions would actually seem to be, well, very natural. Stumbling across the disembodied spirit of a deceased individual would be rather unnervering to even the most practical minded, and would likely create unshakable dread. Phasmophobia, as this particular fear is known in scientific circles, is fairly widespread in modern society. While many scholars consider the belief in ghosts to be purely superstitious, there is no denying that countless people report spectral sightings and experiences every year. From harmless visions of loved ones trapped between realms to vengeful wraiths seeking balance for some injustice inflicted upon them in the living world, ghostly encounters have become quite commonplace, prompting numerous ghost hunting shows and films. The popularity of ectoplasmic entertainment may have legitimized reports of seeing spooks for some, simultaneously desensitizing others to the existence of afterlife activity. And while most of us would be disturbed by any such occurrence, the phasmophobiac is overwhelmed by this fear to the point that their very life functions can become limited. They may avoid anyplace that could suggest the possibility of ghostly roamings, such as funerals, old hotels, hospitals or historic sites. The mere mention of an apparition could unhinge them.

Located next to Houston, Texas’ historic Olivewood Cemetery, Nightmare on the Bayou could drive a phasmobiac to an early grave. Continued real hauntings abound, with customers and employees alike reporting supernatural activity, making Nightmare one TRULY haunted attraction. Equipped with Hollywood-quality props and effects, state-of-the-art animatronics, and a well-trained cast of actors, this is one Halloween experience guaranteed to “get your ghost”! Believer or not, one must admit that the presence of late souls seeking their final rest most certainly lends an air of eerie authenticity to what is already a frightening venue…

Featured on Travel Channel’s “America’s Scariest Haunted Houses”, Nightmare on the Bayou offers over 15,000 square feet of thrilling haunted fun through several different attractions. Visitors may find themselves hard pressed to determine whether they are seeing an actor or an actual ghost when exploring this event. Those seeking genuine Halloween chills will find the lure of a potential otherworldly encounter too good to pass up. Those suffering from phasmophobia…not so much!

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