Black Magic – A Spooky Massachusetts Story

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by: RFR Casket Crew Denise

According to Aunt Louise, Mad John was a hermit who lived in a run down mansion on the edge of the north eastern town. All kinds of rumors circulated about the wild-eyed man. Some folks considered him a wizard who called upon the dark arts causing havoc for his neighbors. Others called him a witch doctor who could restore life to the dead from local cemeteries. No matter what the towns people believed, no on had anything to do with Mad John.

Then one year a new family moved into town. They had a lovely daughter named Rebecca and she caught the eye of Mad John. He lavished gifts upon Rebecca – gold, pearls and even sent her a pot of daisies that never wilted. Despite all his efforts, Rebecca fell in love with another – Richard.

Richard was a handsome young man who returned from the university. After a week of meeting, Richard and Rebecca eloped, leaving Mad John stunned.

The Dark Magic Will Get You

The Dark Magic Will Get You

When Rebecca and Richard returned, they threw a big ball and invited everyone in town. While dancing with some of the townsfolk, Rebecca heard a clap of thunder and saw lightning flash again and again. Suddenly the doors blew open and Mad John loomed in the doorway. He had that wild look in his eyes and he was extremely angry. But soon others joined Mad John. They were grotesque figures of the dead and they marched in two by two. All their eyes glowed red like Mad John’s. Soon they had surrounded the group.

The dead grotesque figures grabbed Richard and threw him at Mad John’s feet. Mad John looked at Richard with disgust and then calmly drew a silver-blade knife and cut his throat from ear to ear. Rebecca screamed and pushed threw the stinking corpses to reach her dying husband.

“Kill us both,” she pleaded, but Mad John plucked her out of the pool of blood and carried her out into the stormy night.

A search party was formed and the people scoured the countryside, local cemeteries and Mad John’s house, but Mad John, Rebecca and the army of the dead had vanished. After several days, the towns people returned to the town, torn down the dance hall and never spoke of the events that happened that terrible night.

A year after the ball, a timid knock sounded upon the door of Rebecca’s parent’s home. Her father opened the door and standing before him was Rebecca. She was a gaunt, gray figure and her eyes were dull with exhaustion and pain. Her tongue had been cut out so she could not speak, but she pulled a silver-blade knife from her tattered clothes. It was covered in blood and the gleam of satisfaction shown in Rebecca’s eyes. Her father knew that the blood was from Mad John.

Later that night, Rebecca died in her sleep. She had a peaceful smile upon her ravaged face. And Mad John….

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