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Legendary Haunted House Torments Atlanta in its 15th Season with Two New Haunts: The NIGHTMARES and RAW MEAT


WHEN: September 23, 24 and 30
October 1 – 31
November 4 & 5

TIMES: 7pm – midnight Fridays & Saturdays in October and Halloween
7:30pm – 11pm Mondays – Thursdays
7pm – 11pm Sundays and all dates in September and November

WHERE: Georgia Antique & Design Center: 6624 Dawson Blvd., Norcross, GA


ATLANTA, GA – When people across the country think about Halloween, one eerie place comes to mind; the legendary NETHERWORLD Haunted House! For 14 years this intense horror attraction has lured fans from every state in the nation and many other countries confirming its “world famous” status. In 2010 NETHERWORLD was ranked the #1 haunted house in America by USA Today (media), (industry experts) and (fans), solidifying Atlanta as the nation’s scariest place to be in October. The level of frightening detail that has gone into creating the unparalleled make‐up and costuming for 100+ live actors, the technologically advanced special effects and the intricate hand‐crafted sets wows patrons almost as much as the scares do! Few realize that Billy Messina and Ben Armstrong along with a talented crew begin building NETHERWORLD in November each year– yes, that means the award‐winning movie pros and make‐up experts will have had an entire year to plot the most terrifying ways to capture your worst phobias in their two petrifying haunted houses!

The NIGHTMARES: The armies of Gargoyles began the total destruction of our world and now their ancient masters, The NIGHTMARES, are here to finish it! Primordial clawed and fanged things wrapped in tattered robes, The NIGHTMARES also shape‐shift into any form to greedily hunt human prey. Will the coalition of vampires, illuminati warriors, and their freshly raised army of zombies stand against The NIGHTMARES and the other monstrosities of the NETHERWORLD? We dare you to discover the answer by experiencing the final chapter of the Blood Night Saga this Halloween season. Will you escape brutal illuminati war machines, the Blind Burrower, the head hunters trophy hall, the snake infested voodoo shack, the Manger’s Reanimation Chamber, ectoplasmic portals, crushing columns and more creatures crawling, flying and slithering after you than ever before? Experience a swarm of phobias unleashed by The NIGHTMARES – they know what scares you!

RAW MEAT: Your flesh is what they need! The County Water Management system has a problem. Their workers keep disappearing, and lots of strange things are clogging the drains. Snakes, gators and human bones! Explore the sewers and abandoned tunnels and learn the truth about what dwells below. In NETHERWORLD’s dark basement you will travel to your doom on a runaway train, encounter infestations of insects, collapsing floors, the gator spawning pool, mutated cannibals, the meat conveyor, Gatorzilla and worse! If you fear things that swim, skitter and stalk the darkness you will lose your mind in RAW MEAT!

“We work on NETHERWORLD Haunted House year‐round, from the character development of the monsters that swarm our parking lots to the animatronics, detailed props and optical illusions inside, and we always make sure to stay on top of the newest trends,” says Billy Messina, co‐creator of NETHERWORLD. “For us, this business is about more than just making a scary haunted house; it is about creating an experience that makes people feel like they have entered a different universe.”

Do you ever get that nervous feeling that something is lurking just over your shoulder…waiting for you…when you least expect it…? Well, your intuitions are right, because the freakiest haunt in America is back…and it will be unleashing its NIGHTMARES on the world sooner than you realize!


NETHERWORLD is a self‐guided, dark attraction known for its over‐the‐top special effects, intense make‐up, elaborate costuming, skilled stunt actors, unique monsters, unusual themes and chilling detail. Since it began 15 years ago, NETHERWORLD has been voted by industry peers such as Hauntworld Magazine, Fangoria and USA Today as the top haunt in the nation and has received national attention from local and national media such as CNN, The Today Show, The Early Show, The Travel Channel and Wall Street Journal. This innovative horror experience continues to improve and expand every Halloween season, drawing legions of thrill seekers to discover what new nightmares lurk in the twisting corridors of Atlanta’s ultimate haunted house!

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