“Here we are now…Entertain us.” A Deadite’s Guide to Fall TV.

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GRIMM - The Series Coming Soon to NBC

GRIMM – The Series Coming Soon to NBC

It’s getting closer, Deadites.  This past weekend the haunt where I work kicked its preparations into full swing.  From now through Halloween, it’ll be full steam ahead there, and I can feel the little orb of excitement in the pit of my stomach growing.  While we in the live haunted attraction entertainment industry are working feverishly to ring in the new season with a bang, our friends in other facets of the entertainment industry are doing the same, especially in television.  This year is shaping up to be a stellar year for spooky entertainment on television, and while I was disappointed that FOX didn’t pick up Locke & Key, I’m still very stoked with the multitude of offerings that we will have, proving that the interest in all things creepy is growing exponentially, perhaps because now more than ever we all need rabbit holes through which we can escape reality.  Since our minds will primarily be on polishing our haunts when the new television season begins, I’ve compiled a little rundown below of what I’m looking forward to in particular, both in new and returning shows, to which I can unwind in November once I’ve scrubbed the bodily fluids from the floors of my Haunt and picked the last of the coloring out of my hair.  I’m sure that some of these shows will quickly prove to be more successful than others, but with the amount we have to choose from, there surely have to be at least a couple of winners here.

Hat ON.

Alcatraz (FOX, Premieres 2012):  Currently planned as a 2012 midseason replacement, this series will investigate the strange reappearance of a group of Alcatraz prisoners and workers.  J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe) is an Executive Producer.

American Horror Story (FX, Premieres Oct. 5):  Details on this one are still a bit sketchy, but it sounds killer.  A family with real problems of its own moves into a haunted house…I’m sold.  The brief teasers that they have tossed to us are stylishly creepy, and given FX’s abilities to push the envelope, I’m definitely in for this one.

Fringe (FOX, Returns Sept. 23, Airs Fridays @ 9ET):  This is slightly out of the Haunt league, but I expect there are plenty of sci-fi fans out there who are looking forward to the return of one of the most consistently best-written series to hit the airwaves.

Grimm (NBC, Premieres Oct. 21, Airs Fridays @ 9ET): This series claims to bring Grimm characters of lore to the present day, mixing them with current situations and adding a dose of police procedural storytelling.  It sounds like this will probably start out as a Monster-of-the-Week type of show which is oftentimes fun.

American Horror Story on FX

American Horror Story on FX

The River (ABC, Premieres 2012)  Another midseason replacement, this series filmed as a documentary chronicles a family’s search for its patriarch who has gone missing somewhere in the Amazon, yielding a shocking, deadly discovery.  Details are a bit vague, but of course with Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity) as an Executive Producer, this is worth a look.

Supernatural (CW, Returns Sept. 23, Airs Fridays @ 9ET): Monsters, battles between angels and demons, clashes between heaven and hell.  It’s a nice reminder that there are other families out there with endless strife.

The Walking Dead (AMC, Returns Oct. 16 @ 9ET): No explanation needed here.  It’s gonna rock.

There are a few others out there that as of right now aren’t on my watch list, such as The Secret Circle (CW), Once Upon a Time (ABC), or Awake (NBC), though other Deadites might enjoy them. So did I leave out any that you’re looking forward to?  Speak up in the comments.

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