‘The Haunt House’ Haunted Attractions New 2011 Promo Video Hits the Web

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'The Haunt House' Haunted Attraction

'The Haunt House' Haunted Attraction

Many Haunted Attractions are gearing up for the upcoming Haunt Season. Some of that planning goes into marketing your event on both the web, social media outlets and in the local advertising in the community.

'The Haunt House' in Dallas, TX

'The Haunt House' in Dallas, TX

And now with the addition of places like Fear Mart, many Haunted Attractions can get some very slick, polished, horror looking commercials for both web and television, at a decent prince. OR even step it up with something custom.

One Haunted Attraction that has just stepped up the advertising and web presence is The Haunt House in Dallas, Texas. This event continues to grow in both detail, promotion and upping the haunt to new levels each season and 2011 is in their sights.

Major publications in the Haunted Attraction Industry have said:

“One of Dallas/FortWorth’s top ‘must-see’ haunted attractions.” – Haunt World

“The scenes are done very well and the haunt has a nice mix of tight hallways and dark areas to keep guests uncomfortable.” – Haunted Attraction Magazine

Well all new for 2011 is their promotion video topping off at almost 3 minutes, it gives you ther sense of being scared, uneasy, and terrified. IT showcases some of their best features, while keeping it quick, fresh and fast paced. The adrenaline rush from it makes us, as a viewer, feel the NEED to go there and get our Haunt On.

Click Here to See the Hi-Res Video

So as you can see, the detail, the characters, the development of THE HAUNT HOUSE is going to scare the hell out of you this upcoming 2011 Haunt Season. The Haunt House opens Saturday, September 18, 2011.

For more information about one of Dallas, Texas’ top Haunted Houses visit: www.TheHauntHouse.com

The Haunt House has many years of haunted attraction experience put into it. The owner with 16 years and associates with an average of 14 years. It all started back in 1992, we were part of a group of people who had too much time and evil to play with. For the most part it was a family of disturbed individuals, each with their own creative way of looking at horror. Our mentor and friend was the Great Lance Pope, owner and creator of Verdun Mannor. He brought out the worst in us and made us strive for the perfect scare. Many people in the haunt industry know his name, and know he was ahead of his time in visual effects of horror.

We learned all we could, studied the affect phobias had on people and put those ill emotions to good use. We spent over 13 years under the training of Lance Pope until Dec. 17th 2002 when our best teacher passed away. From then, to now, we strive to provide the best horror attraction we can. While all the time keeping in mind what we were taught.

We have put a lot of what we have learned into our new home, and we try to keep the memory of Lance alive in everything we do here. We have our new family of sickos to taunt you with, and can’t wait to hear your screams!

So now, here at the Haunt House, WE bring you all the things that go “Bump in the night”, all the things that give each person a chilled fright, all the best of the worst that our minds have to offer. From blood dripping halls to walk thru, to dismembered bodies to run from, Evil grotesque images that will haunt your thoughts. We know something you see here will stay with you all the way home.

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