The Haunting Truth a Documentary (“Hauntumentary”)

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A few years back, you may remember Halloween: The Happy Haunting of America produced by Chuck Williams. RFR received a good nod and logo placement in the DVD Booklet as well, but it featured Halloween, the story behind it, Haunted Attractions and more. for the Haunt Industry, this was enough to get us going. Now wee fast forward to 2011 and we are ready for more, this time from Produced and Director Cliff Allen!

The Haunting Truth (Hauntumentary)

The Haunting Truth (Hauntumentary)

The Haunting Truth a Documentary (AKA “Hauntumentary”) is where you can go inside the minds of those who from childhood began a life that would lead them to be a part of the Halloween Industry. Find out how Halloween has a business side that hardly anyone knows about and prepare to learn the history of haunted attractions, in this heart stopping, scream inducing documentary, called “The Haunting Truth”. We are ready to share our scary history!


“Mixing personal and business has never worked in the past and doesn’t work in the present. In this documentary, we’ll invite our audience to experience the year round business side of a popular fun loving celebration as well as the second largest holiday, Halloween; from the concept, to the building of an attraction, to opening night and finally the tear down, “The Haunting Truth” will be revealed. Cliff Allen is the best person to bring this topic to the world because he has been behind the scenes for more than thirteen years and has seen how it has affected those in the industry.”

“This documentary will examine the lives of haunted house owners, from the time they were children and what kind of families they came from up until the present. Going over their jobs, if needed on top of the haunted attraction that they run, their relationships and interests; exploring their education and just over all getting to know what makes them tick and get into this Halloween business. “The Haunting Truth” will delve into different attractions from haunted houses, yard haunts, theme/scream parks, mazes and many more. All of these are explored with interviews, video footage and pictures.”

The Heartstoppers Haunted House

The Heartstoppers Haunted House

Now as a Haunter, Enthusiast, Halloween Fan or more, we know you are loving this idea, right? Well you can also pull this project forward with your own help getting involved. It will take the entire Haunt Industry to bring this project full circle for all to enjoy. Cliff Allen has said: “The funding you can help with will go to paying the experts who can take this film to the finish line. Now I’m asking for your help in becoming part creating a historical document that will be seen by many for years to come.”

If you wish to get involved, stay informed, or just cannot wait for this project to be finished and playing on your television, you can find out more at:

“The Haunting Truth” a Documentary (Trailer) from Cliff Allen on Vimeo.


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