Tales of Myth and Legend: The Enchanted Rock – Mystery Rock

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It’s difficult to associate Texas with anything ancient even though much of its cowboy western heritage is still intact. While this heritage is still intact, it only dates back about one hundred and fifty years. While this is a rather short and recent history, there are vestiges of ancient cultures and places that have yet to be swallowed up.

Enchanted Rock is truly an ancient site. It’s a pink granite dome that is more than a billion years old, which makes it one of the oldest exposed rocks in the world. The rock covers six hundred and forty acres in southwestern Llano county, about twenty miles north of Fredericksburg and towers more than four hundred feet above the surrounding area.

The Enchanted Rock (Full of Legend)

The Enchanted Rock (Full of Legend)

Its name, Enchanted Rock, is attributed to the Indians’ supposed belief that it’s haunted. The Tonkawa saw ghostly campfires flickering near the summit and heard the mountain groan. Both the Tonkawa and the Comanche regarded the rock with fear and reverence and were even rumored to have offered sacrifices at its base. The Apache said it was inhabited by mountain spirits. Because of these beliefs, many Indians would not set foot on the “talking rock” which they believed housed the restless souls of the dead.

According to one legend, the rock became haunted when a band of brave warriors, the last of their tribe, defended themselves on its high ground against the attacks of another tribe. The warriors were finally overpowered, but ever since then, their wandering wailing spirits roam the magnificent granite undulations of the giant rock.

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