Six Degrees of Hell with Corey Feldman Filming at the Hotel of Horror Haunted Attraction

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So Deadites, with the Haunt Industry and Haunted Attractions comes something perfect for Hollywood Horror movies….the perfect set. It is already maintained, spooky, horrifying, and ready to shoot. This happens with many Haunted houses around the United States from the Rocky Point Haunted House, as read in RFR Casket Crew Hatterr99′s Post (READ IT HERE), to Netherworld and so on. Anyways it is happening again, this time with the 80s icon child actor and recent career revival actor Cory Feldman (The Lost Boys, Goonies).

Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman

Six Degrees of Hell is the all-new horror movie starting production and filming. It has been reported that it will be the scariest film of 2012 and we should be ready to be terrified.

The film’s synopsis reads: “Ever walk through one of those Halloween haunted attractions and wonder how real it all looked? What if it was? Six individuals are caught in a supernatural perfect storm that has come to claim one of them and tear apart the soul of a small town. Corey Feldman headlines a cast of veterans and newcomers in Six Degrees of Hell.”

Six Degrees of Hell (Production Still 1)

Six Degrees of Hell (Production Still 1)

The film is being shot once again at a Haunted Attraction that is a working event. This time at the Hotel of Horror in Saylorsburg, PA. It is proving to be the perfect backdrop for the film and really sets the tone and mood with the detail in the attraction and craftsmanship in all the haunt’s sets.

Recently new stills from the movie have emerged and there are clues to the movie, story and more hidden within each photo apparently. You decide on that one.

The film has a well rounded cast of Corey Feldman, Joe Raffa, Nicole Cinaglia and David Bonner with Joe Raffa directing and written by Harrison Smith. Overall I am not sure if it will be the “scariest film” of 2012, but it will most likely be a fun romp through some horror, haunt and fun. And also enjoying seeing one of our Haunt bretheren’s events featured in a film once more.

Six Degrees of Hell (Production Still 2)

Six Degrees of Hell (Production Still 2)

If you would like to find out more about the film you can visit them on the Official Facebook Page or at the

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