One Evil Clown: Zombie Army Production’s “Heretic” at the Statesville Haunted Prison

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Hey Deadites,

Once in a while it is good to explore the wide underworld of dark characters from Haunted Attractions. If it wasn’t for these characters, your haunts would be screamless, and full of really cool haunt toys not being used. So in a series of Character features, let’s roll out the bloody carpet with Zombie Army Production’s Heretic the Clown.

My name is Jesse Armes from Romeoville Illinois. I work with the Zombie Army Productions at Statesville Haunted Prison in Crest Hill Illinois. My characters’ name is Heretic. He is a clown that has gone through alot of pain and suffering along with his brother Booperz. This is his story. Also to get in contact its

Heretic’s Story:
Jake had a mother a father and a twin brother. He also suffered from a disease called macrognathia. This made his face longer than a normal boy’s and his chin bulged out. The parents would beat and abuse both him and his brother to the point of no mercy. One day a neighbor witnessed this and called the police. DCFS came in and removed the brothers. For the next three years of their lives they moved from foster home to foster home never leaving each other’s side. When they were both eleven they were separated my child services. They lived more than thirty miles away from each other. They had never been away from each other before and for a whole year they had no contact. At the age of twelve Jake got into contact with his brother and made the plan on killing their foster parents. So they did it. On The late night of October 14th 1998 they brutally murdered their parents. After being charged with two counts of murder a piece they were sentenced a life sentence with no parole. The brothers were moved to Statesville Prison and checked by doctors. They both had mental trauma and physical quirks from the years of beatings.

Heretic the Clown

Heretic the Clown

They were placed in holding till evaluation. They had seen each other again for the first time in two years and they were happy. Until they were separated once more. Jake went crazy and clawed at doctors and guards faces. He bit and screamed loud to the point of screeching. They placed him in a strait jacket closing the sleeves off hiding his hands so claws couldn’t be used. For approx a year they kept a restraint mask on his face. His teeth grew sharp from grinding them to the point some even fell out. He didn’t understand what he did wrong. He just wanted his brother. Then a riot happened. The smell of burning corpses and blood could be smelled through the air. He was trapped in his cell restrained by a jacket and mask. He thought everything was over until out of nowhere his brother broke into his cell and ripped off the ends of his sleeves and took the mask of that had been on him for almost a year. When his brother saw him his eyes were sunk in to where he looked like a zombie his face was aged and wrinkled. They then were surrounded by the warden’s guards as they knew the mental damage that they had. They sent them to the previous psych ward to meet the “Doctor”. For months they were tested on and beat like their childhood days. The “Doctor” Put implants into Jake’s face under the skin causing his cheek bones to rise. After they spent four years being beat and learning to live as a lab rat they went on a killing spree breaking from the binds of the “Doctor”.

Jake killed fourteen other patients of the doctor with his brother. The doctor forced him into a different part of the ward. The walls painted with blood in shapes. There were only a few others in this place. They all looked like they had been experimented on and abused. Each one had the hint of what Jake loved as a kid…A Clown. Jake and his brother didn’t know what to do whether to join them or refuse and be beaten or even worse killed. They used saliva and dirt to form a paint substance and used drywall and bleach to make a white paste. Putting everything on his face he used his own blood to add to his new found “Friends”. For another three years making Jake and his brother twenty but they didn’t know it. They spent those years planning against the “Humans” as they thought of themselves as mutants or such. The night of October 31st 2007 two years that they planned they heard rumor of a demon in the bottom of the prison. Jake being a persuader he got a guard to set up a giant riot through the prison and to let out the psych ward and the room Jake had thought of as home. As the riot happened all the psych patients began killing guards and nurses the “Doctor” went into hiding. One of the random inmates let out the demon. With every inmate female and male let out they took over the prison.

This demon was then known as the Warden. Hearing of Jake’s plan on getting him out her awarded him by putting him outside of the prison making sure inmates or hiding guards didn’t escape. He was happy to be on the outside again until he found out his brother would be stuck back in the room they had called home. In sadness he looked past it and grinned upon his new found job. It has been four years since that day. Its 2011 now and he has big plans.

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