New Casey Anthony Halloween Mask: A Bit Too Soon? Tasteless?

by on Jul.27, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

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Being in the Haunt Industry, you come across many things that are pretty gruesome, horrifying, and more. Sometimes the ideas are tasteless and foul. Think back to the Wacko Jacko Mask, an Ed Gein Mask, a Dahlmer Mask. Most of these are true horrors (minus Jacko, who now seems to be an icon instead of balked at), that represent someone’s loss, and to wear them glorifies their dirty deeds and amplifies someone’s real horror.

More forward to the recent years and the recent Casey Anthony case. This case received a ton of press and the crowd is still ready to hang her by her carefree killer neck. The true horror of a mother and her missing, deceased daughter was tragic. How could a mother be heartless, carefree and not worry about her daughter. And most of all how could the jury let her go free. I know I know, there wasn’t enough to put her away, but I am sure something could have come from it right?

Casey Anthony Halloween Mask: Tasteless?

Casey Anthony Halloween Mask: Tasteless?

But moving on, newly posted on Ebay is a Casey Anthony latex Halloween Mask. Now one must ask yourself…is it too soon since she got off scott free? And in reality, the person who walks around wearing a mask like this surely cannot be a parent of some sort and is not identifying with the loss of an innocent child.

Now we are in an industry that is surrounded by questionable items, masks, haunted houses and more that most look down upon. But as a Father, a Dad, and a Haunter, I do have to say some things are truly tasteless and we don’t need to glorify real life horror especially when it involves young children.

If you want to see this mask, you can see it on Ebay ( CLICK HERE TO SEE THE AUCTION ON EBAY ).

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