Never Mind Them Watermelons – An Alabama Ghost Story

by on Jul.27, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

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by: RFR Casket Crew Denise

One of my grandfather’s relatives owned all the land south of the Black River in Alabama before the Civil War. It was before the war and life was good; especially for Dale Simmons.

Beware of this Cabin in the Woods

Beware of this Cabin in the Woods

Now old Dale was an older man with strong beliefs. You see Dale Simmons didn’t believe in ghost. Not one bit.

Now the townsfolk knew the old log cabin set way back in the woods was haunted, but old Dale Simmons just laughed when the subject came up. Then one day the blacksmith made a bet with Dale Simmons.

The blacksmith told Dale Simmons that he would buy him a whole cart load of watermelons if he spent the night in the haunted cabin. He just had to stay there until dawn.

Well sire, watermelon were Dale’s favorite fruit. In fact, watermelon were Dale’s absolute favorite fruit, so he accepted the dare at once. He packed his matches and pipe and skipped over to the cabin.

Dale went into the cabin, started a fire, lit his pipe and settled down in the cabin with an old newspaper. As he read the newspaper, Dale whistled a little lively tune until he heard a creaking sound coming from the rafters.

Dale looked up and saw a little creature with glowing red eyes, a long fork tail and two horns watching him. The creature jumped from the rafters and sat down beside him

“There ain’t nobody here except you and me tonight,” the creature said. It had a voice like the hiss of flames and a mouthful of sharp pointed teeth.

“There ain’t nobody here but you tonight,” Dale said before leaping out the nearest exit which happened to be the window. He hi-tailed it down the lane lickety-split. In fact he ran so fast that he past two jack rabbits being chased by a hungry coyote.

Soon Dale heard the sound of running feet behind him. He turned his head and saw the little creature hot on his heels.

“You’re making pretty good time and speed for an old man,” the creature hissed.

“Oh, I can run faster than this,” Dale said and put on a burst of speed. Soon he had left the little creature in the dust and as he ran past the blacksmith’s shop, he yelled, “Never mind about them watermelons.”

Dale Simmons ran all the way home and hid under his bed for the rest of the night. After that night, Dale was a firm believer in ghost and never went near the cabin in the woods again.

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