Mary’s Bloody Beginning

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Say Her Name and Maybe She Will Appear

Say Her Name and Maybe She Will Appear

We’ve all heard of Bloody Mary, right? Yes, this is a well known scary story. It’s for little girls who have sleep overs and tell the story to their gal pals while eating popcorn. But do you know the real story of Bloody Mary? No.

Apparently Bloody Mary’s origin dates back to colonial days. She lived deep in the forest in a tiny cottage and sold herbal remedies for a living.

Some folks living in the town nearby called her Bloody Mary and said she was a witch. A lot of folks did not dare cross Mary for fear that their crops would wilt or cows dry up.

Around this time, several little girls in the village began to disappear. Although the parents searched in vain, no signs of the girls could be found. There were even a few brave souls who went to Mary’s cottage inquiring about the girls, but she denied any knowledge of the disappearances.

Then one night the miller’s daughter rose from her bed and walked outside, following an enchanted sound no one else could hear. Luckily the miller’s wife had a terrible toothache and could not sleep. She tried to stop the girl and when she couldn’t, she screamed for her husband. The miller ran outside in his night shire and to his wife’s aid. However both struggled to hold their child. Their desperate cries brought other villagers to assist the young couple.

During the struggle, a sharp-eyed farmer yelled and pointed towards a strange light at the edge of the forest. Soon other townsmen followed the farmer and saw Bloody Mary standing beside a large oak tree holding a magic wand pointed at the miller’s house. Bloody Mary was glowing an unearthly light as she set her evil spell upon the miller’s daughter.

The townsmen grabbed their guns and their pitchforks and ran toward the witch. When Bloody Mary heard the commotion, she broke off her spell and fled back into the woods.

One of the farmers had loaded his gun with silver bullets in case the witch came after his family. Now he took aim and shot at the witch. The bullet hit Mary in the hip and she fell to the ground. The angry townsmen fell upon Mary and carried her back to the field, where they built a huge bonfire and burned her at the stake.

As Bloody Mary burned, she screamed a curse at the villagers. If anyone mentioned her name aloud before a mirror, she would send her spirit to revenge herself upon them for her terrible death.

When she was dead, the villagers went to her cottage where they found the unmarked graves of the little girls the evil witch had murdered, using their blood to make her young again.

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