Bexar County Hospital’s Angel of Death

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The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death

Ghosts are real, right? But if they aren’t, then why are stories of them so persuasive in our culture? And why do so many people swear to have had encounters with them?

​There are many theories as to why ghosts exist. Sometimes it’s said that ghosts are souls who do not know that they have passed on. Others believe that ghosts know their bodies are dead but their souls are restless for some reason and they refuse to move on. Then there’s my and my friend’s, Deby, explanation. We believe ghosts are actual demons or demonic spirits tricking those who are grieving. Whatever you believe, here’s a ghost story to make you go hmmm….

​At Bexar County Hospital, there are stories of a lady in white making her way down a hall, performing her own Dr. Kevorkian rituals. At the time of when the story first circulated, there was a rash of deaths taking place on a ward and they were going in order from room to room. While it’s natural to have deaths in a hospital, these deaths were progressing in order according to room numbers.

​It’s said that several patients, before meeting their demise, would ask who the nurse in the old-time uniform was that was coming in their room in the wee hours of the morning.

Now many patients in this ward had video and diagnostic monitors on them with displays at the central nurses’ station. Nurses could quickly review patients’ stats there as to not disturb them.But the weird thing was that abnormal things started to happen. Patients would be seen talking with or holding out their hands to someone not seen on the monitors. Privacy curtains would suddenly close around the bed, obstructing the camera’s view.

​The strange deaths stopped when one patient died and the next room in the progression was vacant.

​Was this truly a ghostly Angel of Death or could it have been a hospital employee playing God?

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