Ask the Maestro: Multiple Sounds on a Budget

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Ask the Maestro

Ask the Maestro

Greetings Deadites,

I recently received a question about sound and thought, “this would be a great way to share my advice with everyone at once,” and so “Ask the Maestro” is born.  Here’s a question from Hayman:

“I wondered if you could help me with something. I’m not looking to spend a ton of money, but I have 4-5 displays set up in a room, and I would like specific sounds (of my choosing) to come from behind each. So for example behind the ghost set up would be ghost sounds, and behind the wolfman would be wolf sounds.  Doesn’t really matter what order they would play in.”


The way I would go about such a project is to first cut in half the amount of sources, (i.e. cd player, mp3 player or computer.)  The way I go about this is by using the magic of stereo!  You can play two separate sounds on two separate channels from the same source.  I use my studio to do this, but on a budget you can utilize a program such as Audacity.  You can take your two sounds load them in to the program and pan one to the FAR RIGHT and the other to the FAR LEFT.  Then save the project as one file, mp3.  What you are doing essentially is creating one sound from a left speaker and one sound from a right speaker.  Essentially giving you a speaker per sound.

Example Left speaker=ghost and Right Speaker=werewolf

If your props are close enough to your props you can get away using a cheap computer speaker plugged into a cheap cd player or (my preference) mp3 player.  So that’s one source (Player) and one set of speakers for two props/sounds!

You don’t need a high capacity mp3 player as the sound may only be about a minute loop. Speakers can be bought at a great value too if you look at the right place!

As for sounds there are great royalty free sounds out there, but Scare Tactic Productions will mix high quality sounds for you at a very low price!

Thanks for the question Hayman!

Sit back, relax, and rot on!

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