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Hello again fellow Deadites!  This weekend I decided to get my fix by queuing up a screen ode to a legendary Haunt.  It’s time to plummet into Hatter99′s SCREAMING Room.

Hat ON.

The Rocky Point Haunted Attraction

The Rocky Point Haunted Attraction

Rocky Point Haunted House.  I never had the pleasure of seeing this former Haunter’s Mecca in the flesh, as it shut its doors shortly after the 2006 Halloween season, before I entered the industry, but from what I’ve heard and read it was one hell of a house.  While I am a bit bummed that I didn’t get to experience this legendary attraction that veteran haunters discuss with a deeply-mysterious reverence, all is not lost.  Before it was dismantled, a group of filmmakers shot a nifty little flick there called House of Fears.  It’s not a documentary…No, they took it a step up on the Meter-O-Fun.  It’s a full-length, scripted horror film shot within the attraction about some teens who decide to have some fun inside the fictionalized “House of Fears” on an off-night.  

House of Fears The Movie (Filmed at Rocky Point Haunted House)

House of Fears The Movie (Filmed at Rocky Point Haunted House)

Little do they know that the owner of the haunt (played by real-life Rocky Point owner and Haunt Industry Queen Cydney Neil) has just imported an ancient relic as a prop, which brings your darkest fears (personified by the horrors within the attraction) to life.  You can probably guess where the plot goes from there, but if you’re expecting cheesy acting and dollar store scenery you’re dead wrong.  The acting and dialogue are surprisingly good, and the sets shot within the Rocky Point attraction itself are of course top-notch.  It’s also nice to watch a film that gives equal screen time to showcasing the haunt with its behind-the-scenes workings that will appeal to those interested in the industry alongside a nice helping of blood and scares.  For those who were able to experience the attraction before it closed, the film will serve as a fond remembrance.  For those of us who didn’t venture through its doors, the film provides an abridged but valuable glimpse into this spectral legend.  If you’re interested in haunted attractions and keen on some fun, I highly recommend it.  Plus, if you still subscribe to Netflix streaming after the recent pricing debacle, you can sit back, relax, rot away, and watch it instantly right now.  

Hat OFF.

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