The Hell’s Gate Mythology

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by: RFR Casket Crew Denise

Here’s a spooky legend that’s a little closer to home. Somewhere deep inside the tangled depths of River Legacy Park in Arlington, TX, there is rumored to be a very old trail surrounded on either side by murky swamps and overhanging trees. This long dirt trail is said to end at a dirt mound, a spot where captured spies of the Union Army were executed. They call this place Hell’s Gate.

Hangman's Noose

Hangman's Noose was The Last Stand at Hell's Gate

This passage was supposedly one of the last things the Union prisoners saw as they were led through it. At the end of the trail there was a tall tree where they were hung.

Some believe that because of all the deaths that took place here, there are many tormented spirits still residing at Hell’s Gate. If you walk the trail, they say you can still hear the disembodied whispers, sobs and prayers of the men and women who once took their final steps here.

Working in Arlington, I’m very familiar with River Legacy Park and have spent many evenings and weekends riding and walking the dirt trails.

To say that River Legacy Park has a swamp is a little misleading. There are no swamps in North Central Texas. However, if there is a heavy down pour or extended rain storm, the trails of the park tends to flood and may appear swamp-like.

Finding this trail and gate is not easy because the park sits on numerous acres and it’s conceivable to follow one trail from Arlington to Fort Worth. Although I found the trail and gate once, I’m not sure I could do so again. And while I didn’t hear any whispers, sobs or prayers, I did feel uneasy standing inside the gate. Even though it as mid July and over a hundred degrees, I felt cold.

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