The Crimes of Spring Lake Park

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by: RFR Casket Crew Denise

Texarkana is an interesting town. Us Texans love to brag about our size since we are the biggest southern state. But Texarkana is actually a city we have to share with our Arkansas neighbors.  That in itself is worth bragging about. One could say that Texarkana is so big it can’t be contained in just one state so we  invaded Arkansas just so it would all fit. Plus we do bring that Texas flare to Arkansas to help spruce it up just a bit. Once could say that, but being from the south, we don’t like to brag…not too much.

Now Texarkana like any Texas town is big on sports whether it’s football or hockey, and it’s a true place for the outdoor lover; especially hunting and fishing. And then there are the parks.

One of the spookier parks is Spring Lake Park where locals tell a legend that begins with a real-life  tale of murder.

The story goes that a young couple had stolen off for a romantic interlude on a secluded lover’s lane in the park. Unfortunately, they were murdered in the middle of their tryst – shot to death. It’s said that before being killed herself, the young lady was tied to a tree and made to watch her boyfriend’s demise.

Legend has it that if you lean against just the right tree, you will feel constricted as if a rope is tying you to the spot.

Perhaps the scariest part of this legend is that it’s based on one of Texas’ most famous unsolved serial killings. They were called the Texarkana Moonlight Murders because the killer struck at night. The killer himself was dubbed the Phantom, a hooded, menacing figure who went on a rampage in 1946, targeting young couples in secluded areas and attacking them with a gun and a knife. The Phantom left a string of bloodied bodies in his wake. Despite a massive manhunt by Texas Rangers and an investigation that spread over 300 suspects, the killer was never caught.

In 1976, a film called The Town That Dreaded Sundown was made about the crimes of the Phantom.

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