Skulls of the Shogun Debuts at E3

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Since many of the Haunt Industry Vendors are finally back from MHC and getting those orders out, most haunters are building their events and actors are fine tuning their characters, what can a haunter do in their minimal down time?

Well many haunters still want to be emersed into the horror and haunt industry even then, so how about an All-New Horror Game from the guys at HAUNTED TEMPLE STUDIOS. They were at the recent E3 Gaming Event and showcased their brand new title the “Skulls of the Shogun”

This new title was played at their booth kiosk by one of the RFR Casket Crew at E3. It was created by Haunted Temple Studios and this game is basically a re-envisioned style of game, I personally love…turn style RPG game! The game itself is very nice vector artwork. It has nice heavy linework, solid illustrations and animated characters that you can only imagine being an avatar on a forum somewhere. A gamer can only love this style of illustration in a game.

Skulls of the Shogun Game

Skulls of the Shogun Game

The game itself is comprised of selecting your team of Archers, Calvary and Infantry to use when on the battlefield. It is up to you to decide which team will be the best attack team for you based on range of attack, defense and what not. There is also some type of General who is dormant until he is awaken from his slumber and then can be used in battle.

The game is very involved and lives up to the classic RPG style games of the day, yet bringing it forward to 2011 and 2012. Players will notice the movement of your team, characters and controls are unique, yet once grasped, are very fluid and give them a wide range of capabilities from large movements to smaller ones as well.

This game was surrounded by gamers who were raving about the game and it seemed that it was met with much priase and applause. It has breathed life into an era of gaming that is very set in it’s fan base, yet leave room for the new blood to want to play and discover RPG gaming.

The game does not have a release date yet, but I can assure you it is right around the corner. IF you would like to read a very in-depth review you can find that at:

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