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by: RFR Casket Crew Unknown Scare Actor

Good Morning Deadites,

I’m am up way too early this morning. Waverly Hills was, whats the word I’m looking for, INCREDIBLE.

This was my first trip to the infamous tuberculosis hospital, and I was not disappointed. I took the 2 hour paranormal tour with a couple of friends, and I would recommend this tour for anyone who has never been. We arrived about 35 minutes early, to a closed gate. During this time of year, you cannot see the building until you are almost upon it. Huge is the word I would use to describe it. 180,000 square feet of gothic structure, complete with gargoyles. We were led to the office areas were the tour was organized, and we watch a short video presentation.

The Real Wavery Hills Sanitarium

The Real Wavery Hills Sanitarium

Our tour guide, Mike, has many years experience at Waverly Hills. We started in the body chute, a long tunnel used to transport the corpses to waiting hearses at the bottom of the hill. Once on the first floor, we were a taken to some paranormal hotspots. Once we were taken to the 2nd floor we learned of a couple of mischievious spirits, named Timmy and Mary. Moving on the the 3rd floor, we learned about the solarium and it’s use for treating the patients, as will as “Mrs Higgs” an active spirit that has been seen numerous times, including by one of the televised ghost hunting teams. We viewed the terminal ward, the last stop a patient would go before the body chute. We skipped the 4th floor, and went up to the 5th, where we learned about the nurse who hanged herself by room 502, as well as another nurse who died under mysterious circumstances.

The Real Wavery Hills Sanitarium Patients

The Real Wavery Hills Sanitarium Patients

We then went down the the 4th floor. Mike, our guide, informed us he did not like this floor out all. A lot of activity, an not all of it nice. As he was telling the story of a couple of boys trapped on the floor, we all heard a scream come from behind the door, and there was no one else on the building at that time!! I also captured this scream on my audio recorder. Once inside, Mike told us about the shadow people on this floor and let me tell you..THEY ARE REAL. We sent one from our group down the hall, and the shadow people started to surround him!

I captured the reactions of the group on my recorder, and I know what I saw with my own eyes. After the amazing bit paranormal activity, sadly the tour was over. we headed down stairs, where they thanked us for coming and the group broke up. I spoke to a couple of people about their reactions and expectations, and finished the night with an interview with Brian, who heads up the haunted attraction they do every haunt season, and I could not think of a more appropriate place to run a haunt. all proceeds from their haunt go towards the restoration of the truly amazing, and in my opinion, very haunted building.

Well deadites that is the summary of my first trip to Waverly Hills. Next time I’m booking an overnight investigation and bringing all my equipment.

So until next time Sit Back, Relax and Rot Away and remember……Everyone…………….is afraid of something,
and at Waverly Hills you just might find that fear.

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