Netherworld’s New Haunt for 2011, THE NIGHTMARES

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Netherworld Haunted House

The Netherworld Haunted House

With the Haunt Season fast approaching, many haunts are full in motion with this year’s theme, style and construction. Rotting Flesh Radio is planning our haunt tours and many events like to overhaul the whole haunt in getting ready. Others just change a room or two. But Netherworld figured, it is our 15th Year, Let’s just add a New Themed Event. And so All-New for 2011 is THE NIGHTMARES!

The Nightmare is an event with such a backstory you will be thrust into horror, terror and possibly even wet yourself.

“Earths last defenders were being slaughtered. With the eternal darkness of the Blood Night wrapping the world in a fetid mist, gargoyle swarms and other foul monsters continued the hunting and subjugation of the human race. As hordes of evil creatures emerged from the NETHERWORLD, the Illuminati Warriors who opposed them fell swiftly in battle to the savage beasts. Then the most deadly blow of all was struck . With the tolling of ominous bells came the rulers of the NETHERWORLD, the dread NIGHTMARE KINGS! These powerful THINGS seemed at first glance to be little more than gaunt, ancient, fanged and taloned ghouls wrapped in burial shrouds. But they possessed dark powers to warp reality, to change their very forms and summon the living nightmares of any who would dare confront them.

Netherworld Haunted House - The Nightmares

Netherworld Haunted House's THE NIGHTMARES

Commanding armies of massive war beasts, these specters glided like noxious gray shadows over the landscape, hunting human survivors and feasting on their deepest fears before consuming their souls.

The Prophet had foreseen all of this and had told the great master of the Illuminati, the EYE. Together they had prepared a plan to save what remained of the Earth. First using ancient voodoo rituals, they summoned from the grave an army of ZOMBIES to protect the Illuminati and do battle with the NIGHTMARE KINGS. But this was only a delay tactic to give the EYE time to end the Blood Night (The accursed event that gave NETHERWORLDs hordes the free run of Earth). At long last the EYE had come to an accord with Goulich, the Vampire Lord who had called the Blood Night down upon Mankind. Sealed in the Mansion of the Prophet, guarded by the undead, Illuminati warriors and the very forces of nature, the Prophet, the EYE and Goulich worked together to undo the Vampire Lords spell. Soon the NIGHTMARE KINGS and their minions would penetrate the defenses and destroy them all.

The end was near. The NIGHTMARE KINGS and their armies had begun to breach the mystical and spiritual barriers around the Prophets Sanctum. Goblins with digging beasts burrowed into the sub basements of the mansion, as Gargoyles swarmed the skies above. Would the combined powers of THE EYE, the Prophet and Lord Goulich be enough to end the Blood Night before the world was completely over run?

Netherworld Haunted House

Netherworld Haunted House

We dare you to experience THE NIGHTMARES, the final chapter of the Blood Night Saga this Halloween season at the legendary NETHERWORLD Haunted House!”

So Deadites, as you venture out to find those haunts that will leave you running scared, Netherworld has upped the stakes once again this season.

For more information about the Netherworld Haunted House and the All-New “THE NIGHTMARES”, visit:

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