McFarlane’s The Walking Dead Action Figures Coming in November

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The Walking Dead Action Figures

The Walking Dead Action Figures

As we have mention on Rotting Flesh Radio in news and on the May 6, 2011 Show with Jon Bernthal, the Walking Dead is red hot with blood in popularity. From the original graphic novel to the the hit series, it is hot and zombies are to die for, so to say. Well what better way to enrich the experience than with some McFarlane Action Figures for your office, home, or for your kiddies to play with.

McFarlane Toys has been releasing images of the upcoming Walking Dead Action Figures for the last couple months and now we have another look at the most recent characters that will be hitting the stores this fall.

The newest round up of figures are: Daryl Dixon, Zombie Walker and Zombie Biter. There are the descriptions from the AMC Walking Dead Site:

The Walking Dead Figures Series 1

The Walking Dead Figures Series 1

Daryl Dixon: An abrasive survivalist, and brother of the outspoken racist Merle, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is an all-new character created specifically for the AMC TV series. The figure comes with a crossbow, hunting knife, fire axe, pick axe and a string of squirrels.

Zombie Walker: The Zombie Walker, clad in a dirty business suit, was encountered by Rick Grimes during his first excursion into Atlanta. Upon Rick’s arrival, the walker rose from the wreckage of a city bus and followed Rick to an abandoned tank. The Zombie Walker comes with a special wind-up feature, so the undead figure can actually walk!

Zombie Biter: Found feeding on a deer in the forest near the survivors’ camp, the Zombie Biter was beheaded by the group—but didn’t stop until Daryl arrived and shot it in the brain with his signature crossbow. The figure features a deer meat accessory and a spring-loaded moving jaw—this Zombie Biter really bites!

There is also a figure coming with Rick Grimes. These figures will be coming to the shelves this November just to get us ready for Season Two of the Walking Dead TV Series we are all waiting for. For more information be sure to visit the McFarlane Website by Clicking Here

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