Eric Pigors of Toxic Toons: Thanks You Fiends and June Specials

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Toxic Toons - Eric Pirgors Logo

Toxic Toons by Eric Pigors

A Special Note From Rotting Flesh Radio’s Good Friend Eric Pigors of Toxic Toons


So it’s now been 3 weeks since my Heart Attack. I am feeling a lil better every day. I have started riding bikes at night with my wife slowly to try to regain my strength.Then I have to try to lose a lil weight. It’s funny i’m 48, and i’m not really that over weight,or look like i would have a heart attack. Everybody who sees me and hears i had a heart attack are shocked! I guess i ate enough bad stuff and the NO Excersize was what really got me! Plus it runs on my dads side of my family which i guess is a big part of it as well.

This past year I have felt very tired,sickly,under my eyes where yellowish and sickly looking ,and well ….ii really felt like my time was up soon. And I don’t mean in that in a suicdal way, I just really felt like I didn’t have much longer left, maybe my body was talking to me. I think that’s why i have been putting a final book together with stories about my life, and signing all my art.

I have had a book called “DEATHS CASKET – THE ART OF UNKLE PIGORS” thats been ready to print for over a year now. One of the first images in it has a picture of me as UNKLE PIGORS in an old picture of a horse drawn hearse and it says , “COME SEE

My new diet which is completely different then what i was eating has actually been pretty good tasting stuff. I do miss pizza, but im sure i can have a piece or 2 every now and then in the future.My poor wife is going crazy from me asking her,”Can i eat that?”

You guys have been great with all your support, sending me cards, even your art , well wishes, and your all your orders . Some of you have been posting on your sites, Blogs, Facebook, Myspace, and telling friends to go to my website to help me out and buy a shirt or books, and i really thank you, it’s very much appreciated!

I still haven’t recieved any bills yet from the DR’S, and to tell you the truth i am pretty worried still. Even as generous as you all have been, i really think i am in for a pretty huge scary suprise. It’s pretty sad, when this was all happening to me, all i kept thinking is how much this will cost if i go to the ER to see what i had. And i thought maybe it was indegestion or acid reflux?

It really kept me from going in for 2 days, which could have turned really bad if i waited much longer. Even after the surgery and the DR told me you now have a 2nd chance at life, i thought man that’s great i’m alive, but also i kept thinking , “Oh my god what kind of bill am i in for once i recover.”

Toxic Toons Gruesome Mask

Toxic Toons Gruesome Mask from Trick or Treat Studios

I haven’t drawn any new stuff yet, just this doodle below about my poor lil heart being operated on buy 2 dead creeps who are feeding me KFC,DEL TACO, SUGAR, FREETOS, SALT.
Most days I am still pretty tired a lot of the time. And i hope i to get back to
drawing new stuff soon. I even already made all my 2011 TRICK OR TREAT BAGS SPECIALS already for Sept and its still a ways off. And if the worse would have happened to me my poor wife would be stuck with them, and have to try to think how to sell them,since i do my website all myself.


My special deal below where you get the FIEND INJECTED CD MIX with any $20 order, or Buy $40 worth of merch and get the CD + Signed Print ends June 30th, which is right around the coroner. And if you want the New Red – FIEND INJECTED SHIRT which i just saw the test run and looks awesome!

Toxic Toons Fiend Injected Tee Shirt and CD

Toxic Toons "Fiend Injected" Tee and CD

You need to place your orders by June 30th also. I’m just printing what you order only. I might have my printer start printing some actually next week so i can get some of your orders out sooner since a lot of you bought some already. So buy one this week if you can. or by no later then June 30th.

I have only a few left of my original shirt that comes with my SECRET SOCIETY OF FIENDS KIT below {The shirt with the 2 fiends and ghoul } I only have 1 xxlg and 2 xxxlg left – then when they are gone The S.S.OF FIENDS KIT will only be available with the COFFIN SHIRT . So this shirt with the {2 FIENDS AND GHOUL} will be a very limited design that was produced by me.

If you ordered my Workshirt they will be going out today, I do have 1 – xlg left, so if someone wants it email me

I only have 1 xxlg left of the Zombies shirt below, I will be reprinting this design so if any of you want one. I will also be sending in all orders from today thru June 30th for a more accurate account of how many to print.

I have a few of my GRUESOME MASK below, if you buy one I will sign the inside of the mask. And just think of all the people you can give a heart attack to when you wear it out on Halloween or all year!

Haunted Mansion Art Show at Halloweentown

The 2nd Annual Haunted Mansion Artt Show at Halloweentown

Also if you live in Southern California you should try to go see the, “2ND ANNUAL TRIBUTE TO THE HAUNTED MANSION ARTSHOW” at HALLOWEENTOWN. It’s up until JULY 3RD, I finally got to go see it AND ITS A GREAT SHOW! I have lots of signed prints still there for sale,both old and new prints, and my Haunted Mansion themed prints. Some are even framed and ready to hang in your haunted house.

VERY SPECIAL NEWS:Also a friend of mine, ERIC DANIELS who I worked with at WALT DISNEY studios has been working on an Smart Phone APP of my art, and ….Well I cant tell you much yet, it’s top secret. But this APP is going to be Frigging Awesome! He is almost done with it and hopefully it will be out in a month or 2. AND TRUST ME …YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO HAVE A BLAST WITH THIS APP, I COULDNT STOP PLAYING WITH IT WHEN I TESTED IT 2 WEEKS AGO!

Until Next Time Fiends,

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