Dental Distortions New Packaging Look for 2011

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Dental Distortions

Dental Distortions Hollywood Style FX Teeth

When it comes to FX Teeth for your haunt, actors, characters and costume, I only think of one provider of custom, realistic FX Teeth and that is Dental Distortions.

Dental Distortions

Dental Distortions – New Look for 2011

Over the years, Thad and Dental Distortions have become a staple in the Haunt Industry with the easy to apply, realistic fx teeth. These teeth add that special touch to any costume or character you have. And now they had revamped their packaging. All-New for 2011 is a new look to the classic Dental Distortions packages. Before they came in a small vacupack seal. Now as you see the new look really show cases the teeth, you are instantly given the feel and impact they will have when applied to a scary face and best of all they are ship resistant. What does that mean?

Well the new packages even are stronger, and will hold up to those pesky mail carriers. The new packaging has integrated a special insert tray that adds ALOT of strength to the veneers so that they won’t break no matter how rough the shipping is.

So check them out if you haven’t already, great teeth, a new look and there are even some sweet limited edition teeth on the site where you can get your name as an IMDB lisiting and in the Credits of David’s Dinosaur. Discover the unsavvory teeth at: >a href=””>

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