The NETHERWORLD Interviews: Pamela Smith

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Stepping into the spotlight as we focus on members of the Atlanta haunt
community is the ever-friendly and always-energetic Pamela Smith of Netherworld
Haunted House. Pamela keeps a busy schedule entertaining folks through her many
horroresque endeavors…
What are your responsibilities at Netherworld Haunted House, and how did you get
your start at the haunt?

I started working with Netherworld four years ago. I had heard that they were
taking applications after working with an actor at another haunted house (The
Asylum) the year prior. I had visited Netherworld years prior so to have the
opportunity to actually work as a actress with the Netherworld family was very
exciting to me. I decided that I would bring along my laptop to use as a part of
my presentation for my interview. Ben and Nancy introduced themselves and
interviewed me for the position. I remember telling them that I have always
loved horror movies and haunted houses and when I was a little girl my Daddy
used to sneak up on me and scare me all the time…I have always gotten a thrill
out of being scared.

My primary responsibilty at Netherworld is to give an outstanding performance
every night and in any position that I am scheduled to work at the haunt. Of
course there are other responsibilities that come along with the territory as an
actress. I feel that as a seasoned actress at Netherworld it is also my
responsibility to set a good example and help the newbies feel welcome as well
as assist as needed.  

What do you do outside of Netherworld Haunted House?

When I am not scaring the mess out of folks at Netherworld. I am usually working
as an actress on various other productions throughout Atlanta – such as “The
Walking Dead”- working at home taking calls for customers ordering products from
shopping shows, and talking to my grandbabies on the phone.

Do you have a memorable Netherworld moment or moments you can share with us?

Yes… I have many memorable moments. Two of the many memorable moments were
when Ben Armstrong approached me after having worked late one night at the haunt
and invited me to be apart of the group that appeared for the Netherworld promo
segment that was aired on Fox 5 Atlanta last year (2010)…I was so excited
about that I don’t even remember if I slept before getting back to the haunt at
6am. Stacey Elgin was the perfect victim for Netherworld. She seemed to be very
nervous as she was constantly surrounded by the monstrous beings that she faced
within the dark bowels of our world….Netherworld…HaHaHaaaaaa!!! Ooops – I
forgot where I was for a moment…

Like I said, there were many memorable and exciting moments. The other was when
I won an award at our annual Wrap Party. I was not expecting to win because
there was so much great talent last year 2010. I was truly humbled to have had
so many that voted for me to win…

Can you tell us your fondest Halloween memory?

Wow. I really have to think about this one because I just love every moment that
I am there…but I do remember one year I wasn’t feeling well and when I came to
work I expressed my problem to Nancy. She was so concerned and kind to me…I
told her that I really wanted to be there so instead of my usually “shock”
position that I would work she allowed me to work puppet position sitting down
in a chair – an old hag in black with a black veil. I only had to operate the
Chuckie-like doll…I was very grateful that she was able to accommodate me that

More fun – bloodletting or drinking blood?

Drinking Blood. As I was a primary actress at the haunt, my character as a
Vampire Bride was constantly stalking victims to drink their blood and quite a
few patrons had close calls – some lost their footing once I appeared and
approached them, and some ran down the “hallway to hell” to escape my grasp. But
all that encountered me were frightened and fearful that they may not be able to

Where can fans find you on the internet?

Fans can find me at

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