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Deposition part 5 of Beckman Surveyors v. United Water and Sewage.

Lyle Taylor, Mechanical Engineer, Beckman Surveyors

…..The problems with Area 16 of the county water system were well known. Years of decay and neglect in the old tenement buildings had caused multiple water mains to burst leading to erosion and building collapses. The out flow of several nearby factories created a toxic soup made worse by the draining blood and waste from the nearby slaughterhouse. Even in the coldest winters the sewer and abandoned subways systems were warm, a chemical reaction caused by the rotting organic matter that choked them. It probably would have gone on like this for years more if it wasn’t for the nasty stench and the steam that poured from nearby manholes. And then of course the disappearances began.

Beckman Surveyors was contracted by the city to map the tunnels and document the damage. We knew going in that so called “mole people” lived down there, and there were always the “Sewer Alligator” legends every tunnel worker learns on his first day, but nothing would prepare us for the events that were about to unfold.

Deposition part 7 of Beckman Surveyors v. United Water and Sewage.

….. When Grossman’s team didn’t return we sent a crew down at once. Signs of a struggle were found and a water proof camera issued by us was recovered. The photos found were the cause of all that came next….

Deposition part 9 of Beckman Surveyors v. United Water and Sewage.

….. UWS knew. They had to know! The things we saw! The sinkholes were caused by tunneling from below. Traps to catch more “surface dwellers” no doubt. How many have gone missing over the years, how many poor squatters that no one even knew? The bones, so many bones… There were no more “Mole People.” No, they were all dead! And the Sewer Gators? You saw the bodies! They raised them down there as pets…worshiped them as gods! The Trogs needed to eat, to feed their families…They captured children for God’s sake and CHANGED them…Modified them, brought them into the TRIBE! And the pets, especially that BIG one… he had to eat even more … all they wanted, all they needed was more and more RAW MEAT!

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