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The Nightmares!

Earths last defenders were being slaughtered. With the eternal darkness of the Blood Night wrapping the world in a fetid mist, gargoyle swarms and other foul monsters continued the hunting and subjugation of the human race. As hordes of evil creatures emerged from the NETHERWORLD, the Illuminati Warriors who opposed them fell swiftly in battle to the savage beasts. Then the most deadly blow of all was struck . With the tolling of ominous bells came the rulers of the NETHERWORLD, the dread NIGHTMARE KINGS! These powerful THINGS seemed at first glance to be little more than gaunt, ancient, fanged and taloned ghouls wrapped in burial shrouds. But they possessed dark powers to warp reality, to change their very forms and summon the living nightmares of any who would dare confront them. Commanding armies of massive war beasts, these specters glided like noxious gray shadows over the landscape, hunting human survivors and feasting on their deepest fears before consuming their souls.

The Prophet had foreseen all of this and had told the great master of the Illuminati, the EYE. Together they had prepared a plan to save what remained of the Earth. First using ancient voodoo rituals, they summoned from the grave an army of ZOMBIES to protect the Illuminati and do battle with the NIGHTMARE KINGS. But this was only a delay tactic to give the EYE time to end the Blood Night (The accursed event that gave NETHERWORLD’s hordes the free run of Earth). At long last the EYE had come to an accord with Goulich, the Vampire Lord who had called the Blood Night down upon Mankind. Sealed in the Mansion of the Prophet, guarded by the undead, Illuminati warriors and the very forces of nature, the Prophet, the EYE and Goulich worked together to undo the Vampire Lord’s spell. Soon the NIGHTMARE KINGS and their minions would penetrate the defenses and destroy them all.

The end was near. The NIGHTMARE KINGS and their armies had begun to breach the mystical and spiritual barriers around the Prophet’s Sanctum. Goblins with digging beasts burrowed into the sub basements of the mansion, as Gargoyles swarmed the skies above. Would the combined powers of THE EYE, the Prophet and Lord Goulich be enough to end the Blood Night before the world was completely over run?

We dare you to experience THE NIGHTMARES, the final chapter of the Blood Night Saga this Halloween season at the legendary NETHERWORLD Haunted House!

The Forces of the Illuminati

These forces are a loose alliance of mystics and monsters trying to halt the NETHERWORLD invasion of the Earth. If they were ever to succeed in defeating their foes, it would most likely result in them turning on each other.

The Prophet – Randolph Whatley: A powerful Sorcerer and Soothsayer, Whatley is neither truly alive nor dead. Pure power and force of will keep him out of the grave after almost two hundred and thirteen years of tortured existence, still moving and scheming while his very body rots away. He always remains in his secluded Mansion surrounded by the many spirits he has trapped and a few loyal servants, usually gazing into an obsidian mirror to divine the future.

Lord Goulich – Vampire Leader: It was he after two thousand years of watching humanity grow in power who summoned the Blood Night and plunged the world into eternal darkness. However Ghoulich was betrayed when the Gargoyle hordes who invaded the Earth slew all of the Vampires they could find. Now he regrets his dark pact with the NETHERWORLD and seeks to end the Blood Night, to let the sun shine once more upon the earth and eradicate the Gargoyles.

The Brides -Vampire Wives of Goulich: Evil, cunning and seductive, the Vampire Brides of Lord Goulich are excellent warriors and not to be taken lightly. Much older and battle skilled than they seem at first glance, the Brides have slain many Gargoyles in the pitched battles of the Blood Night.

The EYE- Master of the Illuminati: The true nature of this entity is unknown. It may be a force from a hidden dimension or a projection of a living being actually present on earth. What is known is that it has immense power and knowledge and assists mankind especially when we are threatened by inhuman evil. It is usually seen as a gigantic eye, and often exudes tentacles of ectoplasm to move objects.

The Mangler – Genius Surgeon and Psychopath: This former doctor is now a twisted serial killer who had been evading the police by hiding in underground tunnels for years. Feeling no physical or emotional sensations, he is always eager to search for the location of the emotions in the flesh of his victims. After being captured and put to work by NECROTECH, he began creating zombie/cyborg warriors using the reanimation drug NECROMUTEN 7. When the Blood Night occurred he was recruited by The EYE to help build a zombie/cyborg army to defend mankind. Eager only to be left alone he agreed to help defeat the NETHERWORLD invaders so that humanity would continue to thrive…and continue to supply him with test subjects.

Illuminati Warriors: Soldiers trained in non-traditional warfare methods and in special combat techniques including the use of magic and non-standard weaponry against inhuman/alien/spectral opponents. They may have ethereal armor, powered weapons, odd technology and vehicles used for extra planar travel. The Illuminati warriors did especially well against the Krampus and Gargoyles at the beginning of the Blood Night, but are no match for the Nightmare Kings and their colossal war beasts.

Zombies & Zombie Cyborgs: Used as Shock Troops by the Illuminati, zombies are corpses risen from the dead, usually by voodoo rituals. Zombie cyborgs are resurrected by scientific means, usually massive injections of NECROMUTEN 7, and often have control implants and built in weaponry.

Werewolves – Normally these savage beasts mutilate anyone or anything that crosses them. In the short term however they have allied with the Illuminati to face the greater threat of the NETHERWORLD invasion.

Plant Mutations – Massive plant creatures such as the Pumpkin King grown to defend Illuminati strongholds. They are, however, subject to being controlled by the Harvestman.

Forces of the NETHERWORLD

These are the spirits of humans and other beings and the various races of monsters that dwell in the NETHERWORLD. They are characterized by a weakness to earthly sunlight and a hunger for human flesh. Almost any creature from the NETHERWORLD will be destroyed by sunlight unless it is hidden within or possessing a creature of this earth in a similar way to the HARVESTMAN or the COLLECTOR. Generally they do whatever they wish unless forced into service by a powerful creature such as an OLD ONE or a NIGHTMARE KING.

Animates: Constructs made of flesh , wood or even metal that have been inhabited by spirits from the NETHERWORLD. They may controlled by the spirits of dead humans, as in the case of DOLLY and BUDDY, or they may be controlled by demons as in the case of FRANK aka Cronos or the LIVING STATUES. The HARVESTMAN is a sort of animate that grows a new twisted plant body every year. However the HARVESTMAN is also something far greater, a creature that exists primarily to open doorways to the NETHERWORLD.

The Possessed: Living or dead humans who house a dark spirit from the NETHERWORLD inside of them. The most well known and powerful of these is the COLLECTOR, a skeletal thing that collects souls for the dark masters of the NETHERWORLD. Other well known possessed beings include Dr. Colber, who opened the doorway to the NETHERWORLD sixty-five years ago and has had an evil inside him ever since.

Old Ones/War Beasts: Massive monsters from the NETHERWORLD. These things are ancient and almost beyond the power of anything to destroy. Some possess massive intelligence while others are purely animalistic. The ancient intelligent versions are called Old Ones and are usually worshiped or served by lesser beings. War Beasts are also massive but generally less intelligent types of these things often controlled and used as living weapons by NIGHTMARE KINGS.

Spirits of the Dead: Lost souls both human and otherwise that inhabit the NETHERWORLD. They can possess corpses, be used to create animates, or simply consumed for energy by more powerful beings.

Gargoyles: Lead by Vargoth, these are the winged , horned armored air force of the NETHERWORLD. A vast army of them invaded the Earth during the Blood Night.

Goblins: Smaller non-flying monsters, goblins are tricky foot soldiers and clever and cunning when it comes to technology, mining, forging of weapons, and controlling war beasts.

Chameleons: These human sized monsters can conceal themselves as almost anything. Usually they appear to be foliage and other organic surfaces like stone, but when a human gets too close they suddenly attack from hiding.

Krampus Monsters and Ogres: Massive armored monsters, these are the shock troops of the NETHERWORLD. Brandishing huge weapons, they plunge recklessly into battle. Ogres are generally less intelligent and have no horns, while Krampus tend to be more sadistic and intelligent, have large horns, and an affectation for wearing noisy bells.

Nightmare Kings: Extremely ancient and evil beings that look like emaciated ghoulish corpses with needlelike teeth and claws. They tend to wear bits of armor and rotting robes or burial shrouds. Nightmare Kings are capable of flight, changing their shape, and summoning up the deepest fears of their victims. The true rulers of the NETHERWORLD, they only fear and pay homage to the most mighty of the Old Ones.

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