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A Look Into The Urban Legend by: RFR Casket Crew Denise

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Bloody Knife - photo by: XerStock on Deviantart

Bloody Knife – photo by: XerStock on Deviantart

A friend of mine went out shopping and parked her car in the parking garage to kept it out of the heat and sun. Later that day, she returned, placed her packages in the truck and collapsed into the driver’s seat. She pulled on the seatbelt, locked the doors and waited as a man closed his passenger door. Just by coincidence, this man was leaving at the same time.

She drove to the exit and noticed the man’s car behind her. She turned onto the highway and the man made the same turn. No matter how fast she drove, the man kept up with her. Soon the man began to flash his lights and honk his horn.

Frightened now, she got off the highway and sped through city streets, running red lights in her panic. Still the man pursed her. Finally she decided to go to a mutual friend’s house. The friend’s husband works for the police department.

As she drew near to the house, she blared her horn. Screeching to a stop in the gravel driveway, she jumped out of the car yelling, “There’s a man following me! He followed me from the mall.”

When the stranger pulled up a minute later, our cop friend pointed his gun and ordered the man out of the car. When he stepped out, the cop wrestled him to the ground.

“Take it easy, officer,” the man following my friend said, “I was just trying to warn the lady about the guy in the backseat of her car.”

My friend’s husband rushed to the car and threw open the backseat to find a man huddled behind the driver’s seat with a big hunting knife clutched in his hand.

Ooooh, creepy!

Another common variant of this legend happens when a female pulls into a gas station and is frightened by the odd behavior of the attendant who keeps trying to get her to leave the car and join him in the office. It turns our he has glimpsed a knife-wielding murderer in the backseat and is trying to save her life.

Folklorists have traced the legend back to the 1960s and believe it may have been inspired by a vaguely similar real event in 1964 involving the discovery by a New York City policeman of an escaped murderer hiding in the backseat of his own car.

This urban legend was among several other legendary horror stories dramatized in the 1998 film Urban Legend.

Let us not assume, however, that real-life evildoers never lie in wait for their victims in the backseats of vehicles.

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