The NETHERWORLD Interviews – Ruby Dystroy

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Again, we take a moment to get to know another vital member of the Atlanta haunt and horror scene, 29 year old Ruby “Dystroy”. Like many of the talented denizens of Netherworld Haunted House, Ruby is a real jane-of-all-trades, picking up the challenge wherever she may be needed in order to make NWHH a destination haunt for all fans of dark entertainment.

What are your responsibilities at Netherworld Haunted House, and how did you get your start at the haunt?

I have worked at Netherworld for approximately 6 years, 7 this coming season. I have been in just about every position possible from the makeup room to shock actor to lot monster, a lead, part of the marketing staff – even did lot security one night.
I got referred to the haunt by a friend who I worked at the Ren-Fair with. I applied and auditioned and the first night I worked I had one of the best times ever.

What do you do outside of Netherworld Haunted House?

I’m actually a makeup artist for Chanel and I also attend nursing school.

Do you have a memorable Netherworld moment or moments you can share with us?

I have to say the best times are the late night/early morning dinner/breakfasts we go to after the haunt closes (usually anywhere between midnight and 2am) to swap stories of the night. It’s nice to hang out and relax.

Can you tell us your fondest Halloween memory?

Back in 2006, i think it was, I worked all night at the haunt and got some amazing scares, then left the haunt still in full costume at about 2am to head to Underground Atlanta for a friends club night there and getting more scares and gasps from everyone as I ran through Underground Atlanta. (That year I think I was working the downstairs haunt as a cynobyte-type creature so I had hooks hanging from my flesh and the sort)

The Exorcist or The Omen??

The Omen – it’s creepier.

Where can fans or followers keep up with your doings?!/dystroy

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