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Up next on our continuing series of haunterviews is 32 year old Lindsey Monroe, who has been with Netherworld Haunted House for the better part of a decade! Lindsey has an infectious personality and displays an obvious love of her craft when lurking about the haunt!

What are your responsibilities at Netherworld Haunted House, and how did you get your start at the haunt?

I have had quite a few different roles at Netherworld. For the past
few years, I’ve had the honor of working as the Casting Assistant,
helping our Casting Director place actors in the show each night. That
means that I know everyone that works at the haunt, which is a pretty
long list! It takes more than 100 actors to open the show each night
so I try to get there early to help take care of anything that needs
doing. I make it my personal mission to learn everyone’s names each
year but it can be tough, so I end up calling people “sugar,” “honey,”
and “baby” a lot. I love my responsibility in Casting because I love
getting to know all of our actors. I also love it because I get to
hear ALL the gossip – I know who’s dating who, who had a fight, who
did what in a boohole, and anything else that goes on in the haunt.
During the show I am usually a lead, taking care of a specific set of
actors, or a Sectional, roaming the entire house looking for issues
and checking on actors. I absolutely enjoy doing both of these things
because I know it’s really important for our actors to be happy and
healthy during the show.

This will be my tenth season as a haunter. I got my start at
Netherworld a long, long, long time ago when I had this ‘carpe diem’
year and I decided to do all these things I’d always wanted to do but
just never had. Working in a haunted house was one of them. I had no
idea how much I would absolutely love it. I spent most of that season
in a little padded cell, popping out up above people’s heads. I was
black and blue for six weeks but scaring the crap out of people turned
those bruises into badges of honor. To this day I am so proud of any
bruises I get while haunting! I worked almost every night that first
season even though I was also working a full time day job. I was
tired, beaten up, worn down, and a hot mess but I knew that I had
found the place where I belonged. Over the years I think I’ve worked
in just about every boohole in the house; I spent quite a few seasons
in the parking lot as a monster out there but have really enjoyed
being back inside the house taking care of our actors. I can’t imagine
not haunting in October – I look forward to it all year!

What do you do outside of Netherworld Haunted House?

I have a full time job as the Special Events and Public Relations
Coordinator for Camp Sunshine, a nonprofit organization that does year
round programs for children with cancer and their families. Our
largest program is summer camp but we also do programs for the entire
family because cancer really and truly affects every family member. My
job is to work with the media to promote our organization and to
manage our website and social media sites. I also coordinate our
fundraising events which allow us to continue our programs; I’m
responsible for around 35 events each year. Additionally, I also
support our program staff when they need help with events for our
campers and families so I get to know a lot of our kids – definitely
my favorite part of the job. You can check out my work at!

Do you have a memorable Netherworld moment or moments you can share with us?

It’s hard to choose just one. A lot of haunt actors will just give you
their best scare story – you know, that time when they made someone
wet their pants or dropped a group like bowling pins – but I like the
more personal stories. I think my most memorable night at Netherworld
was one night when I was acting as a demon in the parking lot and I
was wearing these enormous, fabulous red leather wings that were
making people crazy. This group of probably a dozen nine year old
little girls came up to me and were asking me questions about myself.
I was answering their questions with my usual silly demon answers and
trying to scare them when I realized that these poor little girls were
completely terrified of everything that was going on around them. A
dad that was with their group came over and asked me if I would stay
with the little girls while the parents went through the haunt because
the girls were too scared to go in. I told him of course I would but
it blows my mind that parents would leave their children with a weirdo
dressed as a red demon in a haunted house parking lot! To each their
own, I guess. The parents stuffed a twenty dollar bill down my vinyl
vest when they came out of the haunt and that group of little girls
still comes back every year to find me and say hello!

Can you tell us your fondest Halloween memory?

I think my favorite memories are of making my own costumes. I have
always enjoyed that, even when I was a little kid. I definitely put
together a Wonder Woman outfit when I was about 5 that involved Wonder
Woman Under-roos and a bunch of things I stole from my mom’s closet.
The best one I made from scratch was an onion; I don’t know why in the
world I wanted to be an onion but I had this idea and just had to do
it. I made a round onion belly from a garbage bag that I stuffed and
cut leg holes in the bottom. I was kind of distraught because the
garbage bag wasn’t quite the right shade of yellow for a vidalia. Also
it was lemon-scented and that was disturbing. I even painted my face
and hair green to be the stalk!

Fangs or claws?

Definitely fangs – until I lose one in the vortex! (which has happened
to me about…. five times.)

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