Shop ’til you drop…dead!

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Shop ’til you drop…dead

Love the spooky?
Did the diabolical?
Crave the creepy?
Want to spice up your crypt with a little ghoul-cool, but the local mall doesn’t offer much in the way of Lovecraftian decor?
Hopefully, we can help you out with a few suggestions that will make pimping out your pad – scary style – a bit less frustrating.
Let us turn our attention to that modern marvel of marketing madness…the internet. Never has getting your claws on that elusive item ever been so easy. With the click of a mouse, the world’s gallery is at your fingertips. Now, we all know about Ebay, but where else can you find some sweet swag for your sanctum of the sanguine? Hmmm…

You can find a nice little hodgepodge of ideas at
Broken down by themes and categories, the fine folks at Gorey Details offer up a variety of goods with the haunted housemaker in mind. Artwork, jewelry, stickes, toys, clothing and more awaits you there…

If novelties are more your thing, a quick search of the word “horror” will deliver a vast array of figures, props, sculpture and collectibles at the Entertainment Earth website. Everything from Saw puppets to stuffed Jasons to Dead Space gun replicas can be ordered from this popular company, who excel in prompt delivery and top-notch customer service.

Fancy yourself the brainy, book learning type of person? Then hop on over to where the top-rated horror bookstore Dark Delicacies specializes in tomes featuring the macabre. Based in beautiful Burbank, California, Dark Delicacies has something for pretty much any…brainiac.

Wanna deck the walls? Visit Fine Art America for a bevy of prints and originals by some of today’s leading horror-themed illustrators. You can find any number of styles, sizes and subjects to add that extra something to your home design.

Of course, Hot Topic has been dishing out the goth and dark horror gear for a while. From clothing to jewelry to music, there’s quite a variety to be found on their site.

If you want to really treat yourself, look no further than Sideshow Collectibles. The amazing artisans of Sideshow have been producing the finest museum-quality figures and sculpture for some time. Everything from classic Universal Monsters to contemporary horror can be located on their site. Be it Buffy, Hellboy, Aliens, Predators, Elvira, The Munsters, zombies, and much more, Sideshow Collectibles has mastered it in some form or other. Monsters|New Line House of Horrors|The Dead&ref=2ndnav-horror-home

Again, this is just a random smattering to get you started. There’s a great big, wide world web of treasures to be found out there. Get hunting!

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