Have You Ever Missed A Halloween?

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

As long as I can remember….I have never missed a Halloween. Now, I can’t say exactly when I began my journey down sweet tooth lane but I have very early memories about Halloween. My first trick-or-treat. Carving my first Jack-O-lantern. Stuffing my first scarecrow with leaves and old rags. I always had a costume and always ate too much candy causing a bellyache for days. I can honestly say if there was a Halloween I was out there rain or shine. On the battlefield of nervous moms and distracted children.

Fast forward a few years and I still could never see myself ever missing a Halloween. I was always that different type of kid that related to other weird people or felt best when I was by myself. Halloween made me feel that I could be whoever I wanted to be on that single day in October. I never wanted that sensation to end. But it always did…

….I guess that’s why I continue in this industry. I’ve matured quite a bit and now I surround myself with other souls who believe in the same thing I do. I understand that I have many good opportunities around me. I also am aware that other children are not as fortunate as I was as a child or my children are now. That is why Rotting Flesh Radio is accepting donations for Costumes for Kids for TransWorld 2011. Jonathan is having a raffle based on the products he receives for the raffle. The better the products the more money it will raise for the event. If you have a skill such as acting coach, website developer, designer, etc. you can donate your expertise. Donating will also give your brand instant exposure as all the attendees will be fighting over your products. All funds go to buying costumes for disable and less fortunate children.

Donate if you can. If you can’t donate at TransWorld then remember this charity when you’re going through your old costumes this year and realize you have too much stuff. Costumes For Kids accepts costumes and make-up all year long!

Website: http://www.costumesforkids.net/

Email Jonathan: costumesforkids@rfrpodcast.com

Email Me: brian@scaryvisions.com

Picture donated by www.kristen-mcclure-therapist.com

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